87-Year Old Man And His Affectionate Dog Don’t Know Life Without Each Other


It is very common to see dogs bond with small kids, as they act like kids themselves. But, have you ever seen a dog cling to an old person like they don’t know any differently?

John, an 87-year-old man, and his daughter’s doggo, Princess Diva, will absolutely make your day!

Not only does this sweet duo spend every single day around each other, but they are literally soulmates! In the summer of 2021, Katie moved her dad, John, into a flat next door to take care of him, and he and Dolly have been inseparable ever since.

This is their story!

The Sweetest Relationship

an elderly smiling man holds a dog in his arms
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Katie decided to take care of her dad due to his diagnosis of mild Alzheimer’s. As an 87-year-old, John needed 24/7 care, but what he got instead was so much more!

As soon as he joined his daughter, her Pomeranian girl, Dolly, immediately fell in love with him. This instant connection between the two amazed Katie, so she decided to give him Dolly to keep him company.

“I think she really helps with that. She gives us quite a lot of comfort and keeps his brain active and entertained,” Katie told The Dodo.

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What John and his Pom girl have is not an everyday thing. They literally don’t know life without each other, and it seems that they are just perfect together!

John loves to take care of Dolly. He takes her everywhere, gives her long cuddle sessions, and carries her in his arms whenever she gets tired on walks.

an elderly man eats a dog sitting on his lap
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Of all the dogs he had in the past, he only lets Dolly sleep in his bed. In return, this fashionable, pawdorable girl showers him with love. 

When John’s around, she acts like there’s absolutely no one else there. She gives him the sweetest stare ever, and she makes sure he gives her enough attention, too. She loves her grandpa so much!

“They Seem Made For Each Other”

a dog next to a man while he is getting his hair cut
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Whenever John and Katie go out for dinner, they bring Dolly with them. In a way, she’s his emotional support dog that helps him cope with his condition.

It’s like Dolly perfectly understands that John needs someone to take care of him, and she instinctively does it alongside Katie.

There’s absolutely not a single place where John and Dolly don’t go together. She even accompanies him at his hairdresser, and holds his arm while he’s getting a haircut.

“She goes with him everywhere he goes. My dad takes her to the hairdresser with him,” says Katie.

a dog sleeps in the arms of an older man while he watches TV
Source: @dadanddolly

Dolly, or as her family calls her – Diva, is an amazing dog who enjoys every single second with her grandfather. She’s both a cuddle bug and a caregiver to her grandpa!

Once, Katie asked her father what having this Pom girl means to him, and he said that it’s just so beautiful to have someone who relies on him for a cuddle

Even though Dolly can’t speak, and her dad is not exactly the most playful, active person in the world – it seems that these two understand each other perfectly!