A Traumatized Rescue Dog Learns To Use His Beautiful Voice Again After Being Saved


There are just so many different ways dogs can get traumatized that people don’t even realize. After all, they are way more fragile than we are and can suffer more intensely.

People who abuse them can do more than just physically harm them, but also mentally damage them so they barely even function anymore.

It’s sad and cruel, and it needs to stop. In this story, we will talk about a man from California who helped a traumatized dog heal and start using his beautiful voice.

Scooby’s Depressing Story

traumatized dog
Source: TikTok

Before Scooby was first rescued, he was a part of an illegal dog fighting ring in California and it is just as bad as it sounds.

His previous owners were arrested for what they did and suffered punishment for abusing the poor animals.

However, even after being adopted by a wonderful man named Chris, it seemed like Scooby’s spirit was completely broken.

He would never bark or use his voice, as he was likely abused by his previous owners and told to keep quiet.

dog being rescued
Source: TikTok

It’s depressing just hearing about it, as no dog deserves to go through something like this. However, that didn’t stop his new owner who decided to help him heal.

Chris told The Dodo: “Scooby was pretty much the shell of a dog when I first picked him up. He wasn’t house trained, he was completely locked inside of himself by a fear of being hurt. Learning to trust again is no easy task — for humans or animals.

It was a difficult task, but there was no giving up. His new owner understood that it was going to take a lot of patience before Scooby finally learns how to trust again.

To help document his progress, he made a TikTok page for him, so he could actively make videos.

An Absolutely Amazing Journey

rescued dog on bed
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In a video he shared, he describes his journey and how Scooby went from a frightened dog to a confident one, and how he helped him learn how to bark again.

It started out slowly, as he would mostly just yawn and that was it. Then, he was making baby puppy noises little by little.

As time went by, he learned how to be louder and more expressive until his barks sounded a lot more confident.

When asked why he wanted Scooby to bark, Chris said: “My goal was to give Scooby back the things the dogfighters removed from him — his confidence, his happiness, his trust, and his voice.

It might seem like it was just Chris who helped Scooby lead a normal life, but the truth is different.

dog and cat on the couch
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They helped each other. Chris helped a broken dog heal his spirit and learn how to be normal again and Scooby helped his new owner by being there for him during the toughest moments.

It’s only thanks to the effort made by both of them that they are living a wonderful life now.

Even though it was a challenging journey, it was completely worth it for Chris.

“He said: So, this was really a ‘who saved who?’ situation. He became my responsibility and purpose and I never let that go. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Scooby, but I found a best friend and he did too, at a time when we both needed it most.

It’s so amazing to see people like Chris who help dogs like Scooby, and in turn, find a purpose in his new friendship with a furry companion.