The Little Dog Was Absolutely Shocked To See Her Groomer Outside The Salon


Lisa Granade, owner of Happy at Home Pet Grooming, in Seattle, Washington, has been grooming Muffin, a sweet little dog, for several years.

As a pet groomer, she truly has the most wonderful clients any business owner could wish for… I mean, they’re dogs, after all. 

Since Muffin has been visiting her for many years, the two have understandably formed a great connection. 

Muffin absolutely loves getting groomed by Lisa, and she loves having sweet little Muffin at her grooming salon.  

Throughout all those years, Muffin only encountered Lisa at her salon, until one day…

Muffin And Her Groomer 

cute little dog standing in the house
Source: Lisa Granade via The Dodo

In Lisa’s book, Muffin is definitely one of her favorite clients.

She loves grooming this fluffy little girl and having her at the salon. 

“Muffin is a very goofy little girl! So affectionate! Her tail wags and she smiles the moment she sees me. I love having her in the salon,” Lisa told The Dodo. 

While the two have grown to love each other over the years, they have never met outside the grooming salon.

Muffin probably thought that Lisa existed only in her grooming salon, for that matter. 

Up until one day… 

Lisa was driving down the street when she happened to come across Muffin and her owner on their little stroll. 

woman walking a dog outside
Source: Lisa Granade via The Dodo

Naturally, whenever Lisa encounters her fluffy clients out and about, she loves to say ‘hi’, especially now that she saw her favorite pooch outside the salon for the first time. 

Muffin was casually strolling across the grass outside her house in Seattle, minding her own business, when she heard a familiar voice.  

“I pulled over and rolled down my window. I called out to her mom, ‘That’s a cute dog you’ve got there! As soon as Muffin heard my voice, she started looking for me,” Lisa said. 

Lisa just wanted to say ‘Hi’, but she wasn’t prepared for Muffin’s reaction. 

The Reaction Of Pure Shock

old woman walking her dog
Source: Lisa Granade via The Dodo

‘Wait, what’s that voice? It sounds familiar?’ (Muffin probably thought…) ‘It sounds like my Lisa, but wait, I’m not at the salon, it can’t be her?’

When Muffin finally turned around and saw Lisa right in front of her, her little mind was simply blown away. 

She was utterly shocked, and you could see it on her face. 

woman walking dog on a leash
Source: Lisa Granade via The Dodo

“I think she was totally bamboozled! She could not figure out why I wasn’t in the salon,” Lisa said. 

Lisa, of course, had to get out of her car and give her little shocked friend some pets and love. As soon as she did that, Muffin was overjoyed. 

It was a big day for Muffin, as not only did she get to see her best friend, but she also learned that it’s possible to meet with her outside the salon. 

Muffin is not surprised by her groomer (best friend) anymore existing outside the salon, which Lisa proudly posted on her Facebook, alongside their adorable photo. 

She wrote: “Driving my bestie to my place for her groom! Murp-a-durp is no longer surprised by me existing outside the salon!” 

woman with blue hair and dog sitting in a car
Source: Happy at Home Pet Grooming, LLC

As you can see, Muffin was over the moon to be with her bestie. 

Lisa must be doing an incredible job because her clients are surely loving the service. 

“The bond I have with my clients is the best part of the job. It’s a relationship of trust and joy,” Lisa said.