The Reunion Between This Shelter Dog And His Owner Will Warm Your Heart


Dogs are a species that has largely become dependent on humans throughout history. That is why the state in which a dog finds itself at one moment is most often a reflection of human behavior. 

Unfortunately, we are increasingly witnessing the negative aspects of humanity, and the proof of this is the numerous abandoned and neglected dogs.

People from the Alachua County Animal Resources & Care shelter witnessed this when they found a dog tied to a pillar in a Florida park one day.

However, this time, they did not know that the truth was a little different and that fate would ensure that this canine companion would soon experience his moment of joy.

A Miracle Reunion

old dog on a leash
Source: Best of Alachua Animal Resources & Care – BAARC

After being in the shelter for several months, a dog named Ares finally met his happy ending on December 22, 2023. In their Facebook post, the ACARC shelter announced the happiest news about this canine. 

“Because we needed another hearty cry today…” they wrote, pointing out that the pup had been adopted that day. 

guy playing with his dog
Source: Alachua County Animal Resources

However, what makes this story even more special is the incredible course of events leading up to this moment. 

According to the shelter staff, a man named Tierney contacted them after seeing pictures of Ares that they had posted the day before, and he was in total shock. 

“A dear friend of Tierney’s originally owed Ares, and his next owner had tragically passed away, and they never knew what had happened to Ares. They looked for him for so long, so when his picture popped up, Tierney came rushing in.” they wrote in the post. 

Tierney was so excited that he didn’t wait a moment and immediately went to the shelter located in Gainesville, Florida. When he came there, he showed them some old pictures of Ares and there was no doubt – he was the one. 

The moment of the meeting of these two old acquaintances was immortalized by the people from the shelter in the form of several heartwarming photos that show the true happiness of the reunion.

young guy and his dog
Source: Alachua County Animal Resources

It was a wish come true for both the canine fellow and his hooman companion.

“Ares knew so much love before, and we are so happy he will never be without it again,” they wrote in the end. 

Story That Melted Many Hearts

facebook comments
Source: Alachua County Animal Resources

Given that the shelter shared the story on their Facebook profile, many of their followers had the privilege of witnessing this magical moment.

But, it didn’t stop there. The story quickly went viral and caught the attention of many other people – not just dog lovers, but all of those seeking happy-ending tales that melt hearts. 

The comments that people wrote were the best measure of their fascination.

“I can’t believe they found each other ! How amazing… ❤️,” one user wrote. 

“Little Christmas miracles 💙,” the other one added. 

And, the third quipped: “This is amazing!! I can’t believe the amazing impact our social media has on our sweet shelter dogs. So many people come in saying it’s due to the posts they see here. Thank you and congrats Ares!”

And, we couldn’t agree more with the last one because social networks can truly be a generator of good things and amazing reunions like this one.  

Many people have found their loving canines by first seeing them on Facebook or some other social media platform, and behind such moments, incredible stories are often hidden. 

It’s a lesson to never give up on your beloved pets, so maybe your story will someday be the one that will delight many souls – just like Ares’ and Tierney’s did.