Dog Is Heartbroken To See His Parents Surrender Him To A Shelter


Things in life change quickly. Today, you can be at the top, and tomorrow, at the very bottom.

Lucky, a two-year-old Catahoula Leopard mix, felt this best. After one and a half years of enjoying a warm home, this dog had to return to the shelter.

Although many will initially condemn this cruel act of abandoning the pet, his parents simply had no other choice.

“Lucky wanted to chase the neighboring chickens,” the shelter’s Facebook post reads. “He escaped several times despite their efforts…We don’t fault them. We were not in their shoes. We could see how hard the decision was for them.”

However, poor Lucky had the hardest time.

His Heart Was Broken

dog returning to a shelter
Source: Halifax Humane Society, Inc. 

The shelter that Lucky originally came from didn’t have enough room to accept him back, so the Halifax Humane Society, located in Dayton Beach, Florida, stepped in. 

Lucky’s now former owners confirmed to the people at this shelter that the dog is housebroken, crate-trained, and that he walks well on a leash.

It struck a terrible chord with all those who were present and welcomed him at the shelter. This doggo had to leave his previous life, which he loved so much, although he was mostly a good boy. 

Not only has it been hard on the original owners and the shelter to see Lucky back in, but it has been especially hard on Lucky, himself. His entire world was turned upside down.

He Was Friendly With The Kitty

confused dog sitting on the floor
Source: Halifax Humane Society, Inc.

After his parents abandoned him, Lucky was so shaken that he could not stay long in his kennel.

“Lucky got a break from his kennel today and spent some time as an office dog,” the shelter wrote. “He was reserved and shy but settled in after some cookies and a blanket to lay on.”

That scene truly broke their hearts because they saw how difficult it was for him without human attention and love, as well as without a warm home. 

He even went nose to nose with one small kitty. At that moment, it was as if he wanted to show that he was sorry for what he had done and that he loved small animals. That was such a sweet moment.

“But we would recommend caution since he does have a history of chasing smaller things that run,” with heavy hearts, the people from the shelter still had to warn potential adopters. 

However, in the comment of that same post, they wrote that he lived with a smaller dog, met a few new dogs through the kennel, and was very nice. 

“Owner said he was shy but friendly with unfamiliar dogs,” HHS added. 

Not everything is so bad, and Lucky really knows how to be a good boy. 

The Problem Is Real

five dogs in a shelter

This case is quite specific, but the problem of returning pets to the shelter is very real. 

According to PBS, there are many reasons for this. One of the most significant is the very high costs of food and other necessities, which are getting higher and higher every year.

This is a concrete one, but unfortunately, many owners abandon and return their pets to shelters for banal reasons. The pet may have a minor health problem, may require some activity such as regular walking, or the owners may just get bored with him.

This shelter, as well as many others, constantly points out this problem and encourages people to be responsible for their pets if they have already adopted them. 

In addition, they urge others to (if they are able and want a pet) adopt one from a shelter. Overcrowding in shelters is an even worse problem that is getting worse and worse, not only in Florida, but throughout the country.

“If you can’t adopt, consider fostering, if you can’t foster, consider volunteering, if you can’t volunteer, please just share their stories so they can find potential adopters and start the next chapter in their rescue story,” the shelter wrote. 

Your good deed can sometimes be a ray of sunshine to those who see only darkness within the four walls of their lonely kennel. 

We hope that Lucky will also get out of his sad place and find a home where he will be happy again.