These Sweet Pitbulls Were Lucky To Be Rescued By Amazing Police Officers


We live in a world where stopping for someone in the middle of the road at pitch dark isn’t safe anymore. 

But, when you’re a police officer and you notice someone in need, time and place don’t matter.

Our heroes in navy blue have taken an oath to serve and protect, no matter what, no matter whom, no matter when.

They stop at nothing to help everyone.

Everyone? Everyone!

Including dogs?

Well… Why not?

When two Pitbull pups were in desperate need of help, a patrol of police officers accidentally drove by and stopped to help them. 

Something good can come after 3 PM, and here’s the proof!

To Serve And Protect Everyone, Including Pups

Two police pitbulls
Source: Justsomething

Orange County, 4:30 PM…

Not a single soul was out that night. Dawn was fast approaching as officer Patrick Hennessey, of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida, was cruising the streets, hoping to end his shift soon.

Little did he know that his shift was about to end in a spectacular way. More points on his hero badge would be added soon because he did what many people would refuse to do these days:

He was a human. 

Officer Hennessey noticed a pile on the curb, right next to the street, that appeared to be moving. Those were dogs, two of them, and they didn’t seem alright.

Hennessey pulled over and called deputies Boggs and Reed for backup.

The much-needed help came quickly, and the dogs, two Pitbulls, were thrilled that someone paid attention to them. They both greeted the policemen and rubbed against them as a way of saying thank you for stopping to help us. 

But, then they noticed something horrible.

There was blood all over the sidewalk. One of the dogs was bleeding heavily. It appeared as if someone hit her with a car and ran away, leaving the poor dog in pain and her friend to comfort her.

Policeman hugging his pitbull
Source: Justsomething

The deputies called Orange County Animal Service, and then applied pressure and gauze to the wound, staying with the dogs until help arrived.

They hugged the poor pups and kept them warm the entire time.

OCAS came fast and took the two Pittie girls. 

However, that wasn’t a goodbye. 

So, What Happened Next?

dog with collar and few policemans

A few days later, the deputies came to the shelter to visit the dogs they rescued. The two Pitties were named Liberty, and Justice, and, besides the initial wound, they were doing just fine. 

The girls were super thrilled to see the kind police officers that came to their rescue. They showered them with kisses and cuddles, and got many in return.

It was a pawfect reunion day. 

A while later, Liberty and Justice were even featured on Good Morning America!

Justice found her furever home rather quickly. Although Liberty was heartworm positive, she also got adopted later on. Some posts on social media claim that Justice was surrendered back to the shelter some two years later.

We’re not sure. We couldn’t find any info about her being back in the system.
Let’s just hope that both of these wonderful Pitbull girls are safe in a loving and caring home, far away from the streets.