Six Adorable Puppies Found On A Road Finally Get A Second Chance


Why someone would ever abandon innocent little puppies will always be beyond me. They have done nothing wrong, yet they often find themselves fighting for their own life. 

Just a couple of months ago, a rescue group, Bakersfield Strays, had a rescue mission involving six little puppies who were abandoned in the middle of nowhere. 

In the middle of a country road, surrounded by vineyards and orchards, in Kern County, California, six small pups wandered down the roads of a very deserted area looking for help, but there was not a single human in sight. 

“Cold, wet from the rain, and incredibly scared,” was how a Bakersfield Stray’s volunteer, Yesenia Giles, had described them.

Running Around Looking For Help

dogs walking
Source: bakersfieldstrays

When the coalition partner of Bakersfield Strays, the Friends of Abandoned Dogs group, in Bakersfield, California, heard about these little six puppies, they immediately jumped into action. 

The rescue team was notified, and they were quickly at the site looking for these poor pups to rescue them. 

The place was eerily quiet, with nothing in sight except vineyards. They had hoped to find them soon because they didn’t think they would survive too long on their own. 

“When I saw the puppies darting down the road, my heart sank with fear,” Yesenia Giles told The Dodo. “I was terrified that they might get hit by a car or become prey for a coyote.” 

The puppies were very skittish and scared after everything they had been through, so when they noticed humans approaching them, they scattered around even more. 

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The rescue turned out to be a really difficult mission that took almost a whole day, but thankfully, in the end, they were able to trap them all and bring them to safety. 

Finding Their Forever Homes

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Source: Facebook

The puppies were very frightened, exhausted, and starving after running around for the entire day. 

One of the puppies was so scared that he wouldn’t even look at his rescuers. 

“Hopefully, we can get them to a rescue or to a good family because they didn’t deserve what happened to them… not at all. Innocent little puppies that definitely would not have survived out there,” Gilese said in one of their Instagram posts. 

The pups ended up going to Pups Without Borders, where they were examined and given a lot of food and water. 

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Objavu dijeli Bakersfield Strays (@bakersfieldstrays)

After just a couple of days at the rescue, the puppies made huge progress when it came to trusting humans again. 

“They’ve made remarkable progress since their rescue. [They’re] adapting well to life in a shelter and learning to trust humans again,” a Bakersfield Stray’s representative told The Dodo. 

Pups Without Borders housed the puppies, and in the end, they were able to adopt every single one to a private home. 

Their wandering days are long gone, and hopefully, they will never again have to fear for their lives.