Dog Did Not Want To Abandon His Friend Who Was Trapped In A Hole Until Rescuers Came


Loyalty is a two-way street that canines don’t take for granted. When an abandoned dog got trapped in a deep hole, his four-legged buddy decided not to leave his side until somebody helped him!

He howled and yelped for help, inclined to draw someone’s attention.

Fortunately, a man named Willians Mollo Flores was passing by with his own dog and saw that harrowing scene. After realizing that the dog was initially howling for help, he decided to step in and extend the friendly hand of humanity!

Random Passenger Spots The Dog Howling Next To A Hole

the dog is sitting next to the hole
Source: The Dodo

At first, Willians didn’t know how to react, as it was a very tense moment. It took him a few minutes to gather himself, and then he ran back home and brought a rope, together with some food and water.

He then climbed into the hole, grabbed the puppy, and pulled him out. It was clear that the puppy was stressed out and scared, but Willians, being a long-time dog owner himself, knew how to calm him down.

He slowly put him on the ground next to his heroic buddy and made sure he was fine.

The Dog Didn’t Budge Until His Buddy Was Saved

the dog fell into the hole
Source: La Stampa

The dog that was waiting outside the hole didn’t move the entire time. Apparently, he was inclined to save his trapped buddy and he decided not to move until his friend was finally out. And, that’s exactly what happened!

When he made sure that both canines were safe, Willians gave them food and water. According to him, they were still too weak to follow him home, which is why he stayed with them the whole time and reached out for help over social media. 

Valeska Torres Tapia To The Rescue

a shaggy dog is sitting on the car seat
Source: YouTube

An animal rescuer, Valeska Torres Tapia, saw the post and drove herself to the spot immediately. By the time she arrived, it was already midnight, but she didn’t mind, as she really wanted to help the poor pair. 

a woman sits on the tiles and grooms her dogs
Source: The Dodo

She put them in the car and brought them to her home for fostering. For the first time in forever, these two adorable, curly-coated canines were bathed and groomed.

Valeska said that the puppies were really afraid the first time they entered the home, but they eventually settled and relaxed. She named them Angel, and Salvador, and immediately fell in love with them!

After they got their well-deserved treatment, Valeska realized that the dogs really looked like brothers. The resemblance was uncanny!

Angel And Salvador, The Twin-Like Buddies

Even though the original idea was to take them in on a temporary basis, Valeska couldn’t help but keep these canines as pets! It was really hard to let them go, especially because they looked like Siamese twins, as they were always hugging.

two cute dogs dressed lying on the couch
Source: La Stampa 

“They are inseparable. It’s a beautiful thing: they hug, take care of each other, and don’t let go. These two little ones are like Siamese twins because they always hug each other.”

Valeska doesn’t know exactly how the bonded pair ended up on the street, but she assumes that they had been dumped there by an irresponsible owner. 

But, all that mattered was that Angel and Salvador were now in a safe space, far away from anything and anyone that could harm them. 

After all this time, they were finally in a loving home next to an owner who was ready to provide them with all the love they needed!