Five Sweet Pups Were Abandoned Next To A Busy Road Desperately Needed Help


All dogs need is a loving home and hoomans who will love them with all their heart. Seeing more and more dogs who are deprived of having the love that they deserve makes me feel brokenhearted.

The harrowing stories of innocent, abandoned animals left to fend for themselves highlight increasing animal cruelty.

Luckily, there are more good people than bad in this world, and it’s the good people who make us believe in a better tomorrow and give us hope that lovely canines and all other abandoned animals will get their happy ending.

The next story is about five adorable 10-week-old Collie cross pups and their journey to their happy ending.

In Imminent Danger

cute puppies in a box

In March 2023, these sweet puppies were abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of a busy road. Being too young, they didn’t realize the dangerous situation they were in.

While joyfully playing with each other, these adorable and energetic siblings caught the attention of a kind and responsible community member. Being near the bustling highway, the little puppies were facing imminent danger. He instantly called ISPCA rescuers and they rushed to save their lives.

Luckily, the rescuers made it in time and the pups were sent to the ISPCA Animal Care Center.

Trish Spargo, the head of ISPCA, emphasized that apart from being a public offense, animal abandonment is “extremely irresponsible and cowardly.” She urged people to share any information they might have concerning this shameful act. 

Safe Again

The playful puppies were taken to see the vet for a full check-up. Apart from having parasites, they were found to be in relatively good health. The ISPCA volunteers gave them a bath as well as the necessary treatment to get rid of the parasites. 

While they were recovering, they were thrilled to explore their surroundings, and they had lots of fun at the animal care facility.

puppies eating dog food

“They had a blast… chasing one another and reveling in the array of toys. The extra special attention from our dedicated animal care staff and volunteers delighted them,” said Carmel Murray, the ISPCA head of communication.

Their Happy Ending

The energetic siblings were named Sean, Stephanie, Michelle, Brendan, and Gaza. For some time, they had to stay at the Animal Center, but after having recovered and received their first vaccinations, they were ready for adoption.

It didn’t take long for the sweet pups to find loving families who showered them with lots of love and attention. They were finally living their best lives, surrounded by people who deeply cherished them.

These puppies were lucky enough to find their forever home, but we also have to remember all the animals who are not as lucky.

Faced with a massive influx of abandoned and surrendered animals, shelters and rescue centers are overcrowded. It’s high time for all of us to step in and help in any way we can.

We are grateful to all the people who foster and adopt abandoned animals and give them the happy ending all animals deserve.