Abandoned Dog Refuses To Follow Her Rescuers Hoping That Her Family Will Save Her


Out of all places in the U.S., Orange County, in California, is probably one of the most “pet friendly.” In the hearts of community members, stray animals have a special place, and they treat them that way.

Not a day goes by without some happy news about a rescued dog, cat, or some other animal in this county. It was no different this time when Arturo Flores and Lou Dora, members of a group that takes care of cats, saw a frightened head peeking out from behind a pillar. 

Although they immediately saw that it was not a feline but a canine fellow, that did not stop them from helping this poor creature.

Dumped Heartlessly

abandoned brown dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Since this is an industrial area, Arturo and Lou couldn’t figure out how this poor animal ended up in that place. That was until a worker in a tire shop in Irvine, California, revealed the real truth.

“The man who worked at [the] tire shop said a car pulled up and dumped her,” Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, wrote on Facebook.

It hit Arturo and Lou straight in the heart, but after that, they came to another sad realization. This dog didn’t move from that one place all the time she spent there, and it quickly became clear to them why that was so.

“The corner she stayed in after being dumped out of a car was probably the only grass in town,” Hall wrote. “[She was] so docile but so scared.”

Only there were her paws safe from the scorching asphalt warmed by the intense sun.

But, that was not what saddened them the most in this whole situation. When they found out that this dog, sitting motionless in that same place, kept looking into the distance, they realized that she still harbored hopes that her beloved family would come back for her.

Cute dog in forest
Source: Suzette Hall

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but that’s why these good people were there to ease her pain at least a little and give her a new chance in life.

Finally Gave In

woman recording a dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Since Arturo and Lou were determined to save this dog but did not know how to react themselves, they decided to call the professionals from Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue (LLDR) for help. 

When Suzette Hall, from LLDR heard what it was about, she immediately rushed to that place. Despite all her efforts to attract the dog, the poor girl was still so scared that she didn’t even want to move a single paw.

Then, Hall had to decide on another strategy. Since she could clearly see on her face that she was very hungry, Hall set up a humane trap in which she placed several tasty treats. Of course, the pup finally gave in

Cute dog in brown cage
Source: Suzette Hall

“This baby was so hungry,”  Hall wrote. “Oh man, did she lick her lips …”

After a few minutes, this dog was in the crate, and the crate was in the car on the way to a new beginning. 

New Chance

sweet dog laying in a car
Source: Suzette Hall via The Dodo

Hall knew that the rescue was only one step on the road to a full recovery and that there were still many challenges ahead for Bean, as she named the pup

However, she, by no means, wanted to give up on this dog, so she first took her to Camino Pet Hospital, located in Irvine, California. Scabs found all over her legs and ears indicated that this poor girl was fending for herself for a very long time

Veterinarians did everything to clean her up, and with that, Bean’s smile slowly started to return. The highlight of everything was her new foster home, where she was showered with love and kisses. That was the most important thing for her at that moment. 

dog and guy hugging each other
Source: Suzette Hall 

“She loves to cuddle and is so sweet and thankful,” Hall told The Dodo. “And she loves to hug her foster family.”

Although she is still in recovery and does not have her forever home yet, Hall is confident that brave Bean will have her happiest ending. 

What is certain is that they will never let her walk anywhere but on the greenest grass ever again.