Hiker Was Shocked To Hear A “Strange” Noise Echoing Through The Trees Of The Park


An elderly man was on one of his usual daily walks through Massapequa Park, in New York, when he encountered something quite out of the ordinary – or, to be more precise, he heard something rather peculiar.

The noise resembled that of an animal, similar to a dinosaur. 

Intrigued, the elderly man went to investigate only to find a large animal in a distressed state, obviously injured and crying for help. 

The Cries Of Pain

bird in bushes
Source: @wildliferehab_kl

Between a cluster of vines and thorns, there was a great blue heron – a large wading bird common in North and Central America. 

The poor animal was obviously injured and needed some help. 

Heartbroken to see it like that, the man decided to contact the local wildlife rescuer, Karenlynn Stracher. 

She is a retired NYC Paramedic and a licensed animal rehabilitator who takes care of sick and injured wild animals across Nassau County. 

After receiving the call about a distressed animal, Stracher immediately jumped into action. Arriving on the scene, she, too, noticed the bird’s unique voice. 

injured bird
Source: @wildliferehab_kl

“They sound like dinosaurs,” she wrote in her video posted to her TikTok page. 

The bird’s wings were tangled in the vines and thorns, and he was in pain. He was fearful, and although severely injured, he still tried to get away from her. 

“He was very frightened but started to calm down somewhat as I freed him,” Karenlynn Stracher told The Dodo. 

It’s entirely normal for a wild animal to feel fearful, although she had wished there was a way to somehow communicate that she was there to help.

After freeing the animal, Stracher could see just how beautiful he truly was. She took him carefully into her arms and carried him to the carrier. 

Getting Help  

blonde woman holding a bird
Source: @wildliferehab_kl

The majority of blue herons migrate to warmer climates during the winter, but there are still some that opt to remain in northern areas. 

Staying in the north is typically a risky decision, but if they have access to open water and food, it can work out well. However, as evident, not all blue herons that choose to stay end up surviving the winter.

This guy was pretty lucky as he was found and transported to a place where he could receive all the necessary care. 

He was most likely hit by a car and was unable to fly. Unfortunately, the poor bird had injuries to both its beak and leg.

Stracher transported him to her colleagues at the Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown, New York, for further assessment and continued care. 

Take a look at the rescue mission:

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It is expected for the bird to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild, where he truly belongs. 

If it weren’t for a kind man and his keen senses, the bird probably wouldn’t have survived. 

Moreover, if you wish to help more animals such as this beautiful bird, please donate to the Sweetbriar Nature Center.