Rescue Chihuahua Has The Funniest Look That Makes Everyone Smile Instantly


Some doggos just know how to steal your heart! 

When Hamoon first brought Cheddar, a rescue Chihuahua, home, never could he imagine that this tiny boi would be a natural charmer!

Aside from his mellow character and just the sweetest appearance, Cheddar’s eyes have some pawdorable stories to tell – the stories that will instantly make you fall in love with him!

Hauntingly Cute

Cute Chihuahua on a bed
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Cheddar’s owner, Hamoon, adopted him from a shelter after he was surrendered there by his family. Formerly named Gordon, Cheddar had a rough start in life. He was super cautious when he first entered a new home, and he definitely needed some time to adapt.

Then, the real show began!

For some reason, Cheddar loves locking eyes with a person, as if he’s trying to dazzle them with his hauntingly cute eyes.

Chihuahua sitting on a owner
Source: @cheddariniii

“If you lock eyes with him long enough, he’ll just pounce on you, and then he’ll come over and stretch on you or nibble your nose,” Hamoon told Cuddle Buddies.

The way he does it is so naturally adorable. He looks at a hooman with a gentle smile and just the chubbiest chin and his appearance screams: “I am adooorable!” He loves to interact in his funny ways, and now, it is safe to say that Cheddar is the family’s sweetheart!

Funny looking Chihuahua
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No matter who or when, everyone is mesmerized by Cheddar’s sweet personality – and that’s just a fact of life.

“He’s kind of funny looking. It’s those many chins, his eyes and the way that he just kind of looks like an old man. When people look at him, they’re just kind of mesmerized by his face,” says Hamoon.

The sweetest, most adorable thing about this Chi is that he seems so at peace at all times. He just looks unbothered and relaxed despite what’s happening around him. He takes his position on the couch, chills, and enjoys life!

“He just seems so unbothered with everything in life,” his dad says.

Living Life Carefree

Funny dogs sitting on a couch
Source: @cheddariniii

Before Cheddar was adopted, Hamoon had another Chihuahua, Churro, for about two years. Unlike her newly-adopted brother, Churro was more shy and reserved toward things, but when he entered the home – everything changed.

“I noticed that Churro’s anxiety and timidness really came down. She would find comfort in playing with him, sleeping with him. I’ll catch her grooming him every now and then,” says Hamoon.

At the same time, Churro acted as if she knew that her brother was a rescue with a rough past, and she was super gentle. 

White dog kissing a Chihuahua
Source: @cheddariniii

Cheddar helped his sister with her anxiety. The two together made a place for each other in life, and now they can’t imagine being separated.

Whenever Cheddar chases after a toy, Churro chases after him – and playtime begins! It is safe to say that this dynamic duo loves every minute spent around each other. Even at times when Churro bites on Cheddar’s neck rolls, he seems to be perfectly fine with it. 

This super cute, chill boi found his purpose in life when Hamoon adopted him, and that purpose is making everyone around him laugh! His charming poses and captivating eyes are now bringing joy to people all over the world! 

Cheddar is an Instagram celebrity whose daily adventures are seen by thousands of followers who can’t wait to see his next move – and his next adorable photo!