One-Eyed Pregnant Poodle Desperately Needed Help And Then An Amazing Person Came To Her Aid


Stray canines wish to find a loving family who would take them in their arms and show them what love feels like.

As they wander the streets, they constantly look around. They hope to meet kind-hearted humans who would help them leave their sad life behind.

A one-eyed Poodle was one of the stray pups that desperately needed unconditional human love and support. Pregnant and all by herself, she worried for the safety of her fur babies that would soon come into the world.

As she hopelessly roamed the streets, she couldn’t imagine that fortune would finally smile on her.

Helping The Stray Pup When She Needed It The Most

overgrown dog with one eye
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

While driving down an unpaved road, a man noticed the stray Poodle. He felt deeply saddened to see her wandering in search of food. The moment he noticed her, he stopped, parked his car, and rushed to help her.

As soon as he approached her, he started talking to her. The pup was friendly and shy. Wishing to let her know that she was now safe, the kind man stroked her gently. 

woman petting a brown overgrown dog
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

The Poodle became frightened and she completely froze.  

While he was checking whether she had any injuries, the Poodle suddenly began running away. The man was glad when he saw her stop near the wheel. She must have realized that he was there to help her. She felt glad that someone cared. 

He petted her, trying to comfort her, and she let him carry her to his car.

As her rescuer was stroking her, he noticed that there was a problem with her right eye. He took her to the nearby vet clinic, and found out that the Poodle was blind in one eye. 

The vet gave the pooch a medical checkup, and he had some surprising news for the Poodle’s rescuer. The doggo was pregnant. Luckily, she was found to be in good health.

The Pup Gives Birth To Five Sweet Fur Babies

dog feeding its newborn puppies
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

He decided to adopt her, and he took her home.

Since the Poodle was dirty, her rescuer gave her a nice bath and some delicious food to eat. The pup felt relieved that she could finally enjoy the warmth and comfort of a home.

Soon after the dog was rescued, she gave birth to five adorable puppies. The pup’s rescuer fell in love with them at first sight. Each puppy had a different fur color.

cute newborn puppies hugging
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

The mama dog was overjoyed that her babies were safe. The rescuer enjoyed watching her feed the puppies and give them kisses. The babies were strong and playful.

The Poodle’s dad often took the mama dog outdoors, and she enjoyed being free. 

He decided to keep the puppies and give them a loving home. He couldn’t imagine being separated from them. Those cute fur babies brought a lot of joy into his home. He named them Daisy, Toby, Simba, Zoe, and Sadie.

The Poodle Family Has The Perfect Forever Home

two cute pupps playing outside
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

Their dad took care of the puppies and made sure that they received their initial vaccines. He enjoys taking them outside and watching them explore the world around them.

The mama dog feels very happy to be with her fur babies and to watch them thrive in a loving home. The five siblings have the time of their lives. They smile and roll in the grass with their little tails wagging.

puppies playing with each other
Source: Pawsitive Rescue & Care

The Poodle family feels safe and loved. They are over the moon because their dad showers them with love. He is committed to giving them the best life possible. 

Many thanks to him for saving the pregnant pooch and for helping the canine family when they needed it the most.