Police Officers Noticed An Injured Dog Dumped In A Dumpster And Rush To Help Him


When strays and abandoned pups find themselves in difficult situations, they hope with their whole heart that humans will help them. They need our love and compassion.

It’s heartbreaking to know that some people heartlessly turn their heads away from these defenseless dogs, choosing to ignore them.

Our following story is about Ozzy – a sweet dog who was badly injured and thrown in a dumpster by some heartless people.

As he was lying on trash, unable to move, he was hoping that a good human would find him and give him a second chance in life.

A Good Samaritan Spots A Dog And Asks For Help

guy taking dog out of trash
Source: The Dodo

When a kind-hearted human went to throw trash in a dumpster, he noticed an injured pup who was helplessly lying on a pile of trash bags. Although the dog was in a desperate situation, his eyes still glimmered with hope.

They immediately called the police and an officer named Oswald ‘Ozzy’ arrived at the scene. After he contacted Los Adoptables, the charity organization, Pris, one of the rescuers, headed to help the dog right away.

As soon as she saw the injured dog in the dumpster and his wounds infested with maggots, her heart broke.

She gently wrapped him in a blanket and lifted him out of the dumpster. 

Despite being very hurt and betrayed by cruel humans who put him there, the pup managed to wag his tail. He showed his appreciation and gratitude to the good human he was waiting for. 

guy in orange hoodie carrying a dog
Source: The Dodo

His rescuers assumed that he was hit by a car and that he spent a few days waiting for help. Instead of helping him, someone put him in the dumpster.

Officer Oswald escorted Pris and the pup, helping them get to the vet clinic as soon as possible.

The pooch had wounds on his body and his leg was broken. He received immediate attention and care.

Giving Him Much-Needed Care And A Lot Of Love

woman kissing black dog
Source: The Dodo

Shortly afterward, The Animal Pad, an all-breed dog rescue located in San Diego, California, took him under their care. He was immediately hospitalized. 

Banfield Foundation, a non-profit organization, jumped in and helped cover the dog’s medical costs.

The vet cleaned his wounds. Soon, the pup underwent surgery and an external fixator was placed in order to stabilize his broken leg. 

“The good news is that his surgeons believe his prognosis is good and he will hopefully regain full mobility. If he doesn’t, that’s ok too. We will love him through anything,” The Animal Pad wrote on their Instagram. 

The dog was named Ozzy, after the police officer who helped rescue him.

His caregivers covered the pooch in kisses, giving him love and support. They did everything they could to make Ozzy feel safe, reassuring him that he was not alone.

Ozzy licked his caregivers’ faces and looked at them with his adorable eyes. They were enchanted with him and his sweet personality.

Enjoying His Foster Home

injured black dog
Source: The Dodo

Soon, Ozzy moved into his foster home. He was determined to get better. He kept trying to walk with the fixator on his leg. Ozzy was a fighter. 

When he met his foster siblings, he was thrilled. They played together in the yard. Ozzy was full of energy.

Ozzy’s foster mom took excellent care of him, showering him with love.

Ozzy was thrilled when he got a Teddy bear named Pedro. He didn’t want to leave his side, and he often rested his head on his favorite toy.

His foster mom regularly drove him to his vet appointments in San Diego, California. The treatment that he received made him stronger. He was thriving day by day.

Ozzy enjoys his foster home to the fullest. 

black dog in a blue car
Source: The Dodo

His foster mom took him to the beach on her bike. Ozzy loved the ride and he couldn’t stop smiling. Once he arrived at the beach, he was over the moon. His tail wagged constantly. 

We’re infinitely grateful to all the good humans who helped Ozzy and showered him with love. We have no doubt that this sweet boi will soon find his happily-ever-after.

He deserves to be adored and to live his best life in a great forever home.