This Pup Was So Malnourished And Hurt That Rescuers Thought She Was An “Old Dog”


Being without a home, a family, care, and love for a long time can have great consequences, both physical and emotional. Stray dogs left at the mercy of cruel streets know this best.

Just one such example was witnessed by the good people from Animal Aid Unlimited, when one day, they found a stray dog ​​in such a desperate state that almost all of her fur had fallen out. 

Considering her appearance, they were convinced that this was a “senior dog” who had been wandering the streets for years. 

Little did they know that the truth was somewhat different…

Eyes Full Of Hope

skinny dog
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

When one of the rescuers who noticed her offered this “old lady” food, he immediately gained her trust. She rewarded him with that innocent look that only a doggo can give when she is grateful to a good human being.

As soon as this man saw that she had satisfied her hunger, he gently took her in his arms and put her in the van. Without the slightest fear, just as if they had known each other for years, she surrendered to him and immediately showed that she wanted to be helped.

skinny dog and two humans
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The examination at the vet was not a problem for this brave girl. However, while there, they discovered that she was suffering from advanced mange and starvation

Because they thought that this dog was already old, they were afraid that she wouldn’t be able to overcome this, neither physically nor mentally. To their surprise, her look was full of hope, and from it, they could see that this brave girl would make it all the way.

In the following week or two, this dog, without a single sob, went through all the necessary treatments on her way to a full recovery. 

woman and skinny dog
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

She didn’t like medicated baths or various creams and medicines. But, she unquestioningly took everything she needed, as if she knew that without it, she wouldn’t have the better life she dreamed of.

Thanks to her courage, and with the wholehearted help of good people, after about two weeks of rehab, this lady had regained the strength to live life to the fullest again. After that, the AAU staff named her Tulip because she quickly blossomed like the most beautiful flower.

happy dog laying on a back
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

And, although they were already amazed by her progress, her rescuers were yet to experience the best of Tulip.

She Just Flourished

After all that time spent in the premises of the rescue organization, Tulip started to get homesick and miss her street family. 

So, they decided to put her on their Street Treatment Program – a special program in which Tulip would spend most of her days with her canine friends, while the volunteers of the organization would visit her regularly and give her food and all other necessities.

washing a skinny dog
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

This strategy proved to be a complete hit. With every visit, this dog was blossoming like a true tulip – every time, she was more and more beautiful

However, meeting Tulip in the fifth week of her rehab will surely remain in the memory of her rescuers forever.  

Tulip’s hair finally grew back completely and she finally showed her true colors. Having never seen her like this before, her rescuers shed a tear of joy when they realized who Tulip really was.

healthy dog walking on streets
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The dog they thought was an old lady was actually a wonderful little puppy. It was the most beautiful thing they had experienced in their many years of working with these wonderful creatures.