Poor Dog Was Absolutely Petrified And Shaking After Being Surrendered To The Shelter


Being abandoned can be a terrifying experience for a pet. When JJ was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, without any explanation by his owner, he was absolutely petrified. 

Just imagine being a pet whose whole world revolves around you and suddenly finding yourself in a strange place with no idea why. That’s exactly what happened to a dog named JJ.

When he arrived at the shelter, he was visibly frightened, shaking, and huddled in the corner of his kennel. It was truly heartwrenching to see him in such a state.

Frozen In Fear 

scared dog lying on floor
Source: Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers

A three-year-old little boy named JJ was in desperate need of a foster home since he was not doing well in the shelter environment. 

After being surrendered by the person he loved the most, JJ was absolutely lost and petrified. He couldn’t stop shaking due to fear. 

“THIS is what happens to a dog that’s been given up by its owner. PETRIFIED. SHAKING. COWERING. JJ is absolutely terrified as everything he’s ever known is GONE. This poor dog is so scared, not knowing what’s going to happen to him,” a Facebook page ‘Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers’ wrote in their post. 

After watching the video and witnessing just how confused and frightened JJ was, Big Love Rescue, from Cypress, Texas, made the compassionate decision to rescue this adorable pup.

Fortunately, they swiftly managed to pull him out of the shelter and arrange a foster home for him.

Upon arrival at the foster home, JJ was still frozen in fear, trembling, and completely confused. He hesitated to enter the house or explore the yard, but his fosters demonstrated incredible patience and empathy. 

They respected his need for space, allowing him to decompress and gradually work to build trust.

Despite being still pretty scared of everything, JJ slowly started to warm up as the days went by. Allowing his foster parents to give him some head rubs marked a huge breakthrough, bringing a glimmer of hope that he was going to be okay. 

JJ Going Home 

happy dog sitting on grass
Source: Big Love Rescue

During his time at the foster home, they discovered that JJ is a very affectionate petite boy who loves to snuggle. 

“JJ is a happy boy that wants to be next to his humans, play with his toys, and get lots of belly rubs. He gets along with men, women, and LOVES kids. JJ is a lapdog and will curl up in your lap after a day of play. It’s very cute. He is obedient and knows several commands, including sit, stay, lay down, and shake. He walks VERY well on a leash and is crate trained,” Big Love Rescue wrote in their post. 

Even though JJ is an ideal family dog, it took some time for him to find the perfect home. After the traumatic experience he went through, JJ lacked confidence and required someone to help him blossom into the love bug he truly is.

two man and two dogs sitting on the floor
Source: Big Love Rescue

Fortunately, after months of searching, JJ finally found his forever home. 

He is absolutely thriving alongside his wonderful parents and his doggy best friend. 

two dogs sleeping covered with blanket
Source: Big Love Rescue

While JJ’s story has a happy ending, it’s important not to overlook the initial confusion and fear in his eyes when he was heartlessly abandoned by his previous owner.

Thousands of pets undergo this heartwrenching experience every single day, and not all of them are fortunate enough to find a forever home.

When considering bringing a dog into your life, please remember that they are living beings with feelings and not something you can casually let go of.