Pittie Given Zero Chance Of Survival Miraculously Transforms Into A Brand New Dog 


Saint’s story could easily be regarded as a miracle – a true miracle of love. 

People often forget that love is probably the greatest gift and moving power in the world. Maybe Saint can’t speak and tell you what saved his life, but I’m almost 100% certain that it was love… a selfless and unbreakable love. 

When this poor little guy was found in a homeless encampment in Hawaii, he was given zero chance of survival, as he had already given up on his life. 

The odds were not on his side at all, but odds are here to be broken, right?

That is when Heather entered into Saint’s life and the rest is, you know, is history… 

Life Worth Fighting For 

white pittie on the floor
Source: YouTube

When Saint arrived into Heather’s care, he had already completely given up. He was in complete shutdown – not eating, not moving, nor doing basically anything else. 

“A lot of times he could not get himself up. I had to lift him up and to take him outside to use the bathroom. He had every parasite you could imagine. This was a hospice situation. He was dying,” Heather told The Dodo. 

She took him in so he could at least have some end-of-life comforts. 

“I just let him know that I was there and that I needed him to fight. And he showed him he wanted to fight,” she said. 

pit bull on the grass
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Saint was a dog who never got to experience love and affection in all of his life. 

That was, sadly, completely unknown to him, but thankfully, Heather and her family were there to show him that life is much more than about suffering. 

A couple of weeks into their care, he started to show little signs of improvement, like standing up on his own and making his way into the living room. 

pittie sleeping on the couch
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It was a huge step for him, as he was finally trying to join the rest of the family. 

“Then another week after that, he’s crawling up on the couch on his own. He’s starting to just really enjoy being with a family, being with a pack of dogs for the first time and being in the house for the first time,” Heather said. 

From Zero To Hero

Despite all the improvement he made over a couple of weeks, Saint was still eating very little. Heather could not get him to eat as much as he would have liked. 

But, then she noticed he liked eating rotisserie chicken, and she was quite relieved. 

pittie in the kitchen with bowl
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“If that’s what he would eat, that’s what he got,” Heather said. 

From that moment on, Heather just knew he was going to make it. She started to see that he was more interested in life and connecting with the world. 

“He was living in the present. He was not looking back. Then he started playing. He started asking for affection. He started giving affection,” Heather said happily. 

Saint was finally living the life he always deserved. He wasn’t surviving anymore he was finally thriving! 

pittie on the car window
Source: YouTube

Saint can now be seen happily running on the beach in Hawaii, walking two-and-a-half miles each day, and basically living life to the fullest. 

All because one nice lady decided to give him love when nobody else would. 

Saint is truly a saint without a bad bone in his body, and he is extremely lucky to have a family that loves him like they do.