Pregnant Stray Dog Left With No Food And Shelter Begs Kind Woman For Help


To see a dog fending for itself in the middle of nowhere with no resources at all is truly heartbreaking. Yet, many of these furry friends keep fighting their life battles every day, far away from what can be called humane conditions.

The stray, pregnant dog, Nusha, is one such case. This poor girl lived on a pile of garbage after she was abandoned. 

Her eyes were filled with sadness, and the only thing she wanted was some food and shelter to keep her from the cold. Never in her dreams could Nusha imagine that she would get so much more!

Nusha’s Heartbreaking Story

Pregnant stray dog
Source: Martina SZ

Nusha didn’t know life aside from a dumpsite. For this soon-to-be mom, every day was a constant struggle to find some food. Yet, with every new day, she was getting weaker.

This brave girl was on the very edge of giving up when one of the local rescuers spotted her. At that point, Nusha was only days from giving birth to her litter, and she needed help – immediately.

She was successfully transferred to Martina, the giant-hearted animal rescuer who already saved dozens of dogs in her career. And, the rest, as they say, is history!

Here Come Some Tiny Paws

Mother dog feeding its puppies
Source: Martina SZ

With the help of Martina and other volunteers, Nusha successfully delivered her babies. She gave birth to four healthy girls and one boi, all named Nora, Niki, Naomi, Nalla, and Nelly

Thanks to her new foster mom, Nusha got the much-needed treatment. She blossomed into a brand-new dog within weeks, and now she only had one thing to worry about – her babies!

tiny newborn puppy
Source: Martina SZ

She was naturally such a good mom that took care of her pups around the clock. Her gentle personality made Martina and the team instantly fall in love with her. And, seeing Nusha in the mom role for the first time was just precious!

Day after day, her babies were getting bigger and stronger. They did so well around their mom and caregivers, and they eventually grew into pawdorable furballs.

Nusha and her babies had a wonderful time in their foster care. They played together, enjoyed their long cuddle sessions with the team, and hung out with their new friends on a daily basis! 

A couple of months later, all the puppies were properly vetted and vaccinated. Together with their mom, they were finally ready to go into forever homes and meet their new families.

Happily Ever After

mother dog laying down
Source: Martina SZ

The greatest news arrived at Martina’s address only weeks later. Nusha and all of her puppies found amazing homes – and they couldn’t be happier!

For the first time ever, this loving mom dog found a suitable home and a family to take care of her properly. 

After all the hardship she had been through, she finally found what she was looking for all this time. She will never, ever need to worry about being abandoned again!

Cute adult dogs
Source: Martina SZ

Nalla, Naomi, Nelly, Nora, and Niki are thriving in their new homes, too! They all found incredible families where they can live the lives they truly deserve.

All of the pups are living the time of their lives next to owners who are happy to have them.

Thanks to their mom’s resilience and unbelievable survival spirit, they are now able to enjoy the coziness of a warm home and be what they are truly meant to be – a human’s best friend!