Matted Dog Neglected For Years Shocks Everyone With His Amazing Transformation


In all of the time I have spent in this world, I have to say there are some things that still surprise me when it comes to dogs, but even more when it comes to their owners.

I was not always aware of the damage that neglect could cause not just for a pup’s mental state, but also for their physical well being.

And, for the dog in this story, the neglect has caused so many problems, but luckily, his story was changing for the better.

Years Of Neglect

guy holding unshaved dog
Source: Paws Show

When a Good Samaritan noticed a very furry animal in another person’s yard, he had a hard time figuring out what it was.

But, shortly after, he concluded that it was a severely matted dog who was neglected for years and desperately needed help.

So, the Good Samaritan called for help and the rescuers were on their way to the scene to figure out how they could help the poor pup.

After arriving at the scene, they were shocked by this dog’s appearance and realized that he had never even been to a groomer’s appointment. That’s how matted he was.

dog with long fur
Source: Paws Show

I can’t even begin to imagine just how much torture, pain, and neglect he went through throughout his life. It’s absolutely sickening that somebody would do something like this.

Now that they could do something about it, the rescuers took this dog, now named Charlie, into their car and back into the shelter so they could help him.

He was now safe with his rescuers, and they were not about to give up on this sweet pup. Once he was settled in, it was time for a grooming appointment.

A Brand-New Look For Charlie

shaved dog
Source: Paws Show

It’s safe to say that anyone who saw his fur was shocked by just how big it was and how long he had endured living like this.

But, there was no more time to think about that. His rescuers took him to the groomers and they managed to shave his matted fur completely.

When the woman looked down on the floor to see how much fur was there, she still couldn’t believe it. Even looking at it felt painful.

Charlie now looked like a completely transformed dog. He was completely unrecognizable from before and you could even see the relief on his face.

It was like the weight of the entire world was lifted from him and now he could finally live a normal life.

cute shaved dog
Source: Paws Show

Now that the groomer’s appointment was over, he still needed a nice, warm bath and a veterinarian checkup.

He enjoyed finally being clean, and fell asleep pretty fast after the bath. At the vet, any unaddressed problem was taken care of.

Charlie was now a healthy and sweet-looking dog who will soon be looking for a new family to take care of him.

When it came time for it, his rescuers signed him up on the adoption list, and now, all he has to do is wait.

Until then, he is in great care with his rescuers who are tending to his every need. Charlie receives lots of cuddles, food, and gets to play with other dogs.

We don’t yet know if he was adopted into a new family, but I think it’s only a matter of time for this adorable little dog.