Ohio Man’s Special Surprise For His Goldendoodle Takes An Unexpected Turn


Once you become a proud doggo mom or dad, you suddenly start noticing every single pup on the street! 

Your life starts revolving around them, and you willingly accept the fact that from now on – you’re a pack member for good!

Noah Hais, from Cleveland, Ohio, knew that right from the start, but he just waited for the perfect moment to surprise his first dog, the mini Goldendoodle, Milo, with another dog.

Even though everything started out as an idea to expand his little furry family with only one dog, his plans changed in a heartbeat when he took a little road trip!

Bringing Moose Into The Family

portrait of a cute goldendoodle
Source: @miloandnoah

Noah and Milo have been best friends for the last four years! His little rug-like buddy has always been the center of attention, and Noah has just always loved his playful personality. 

“There isn’t one thing the two of us haven’t been through together and his childlike spirit has helped me rediscover mine. The day Milo was born was the day I was assigned an angel on earth,” says Noah.

the smiling man is holding a goldendoodle and another dog in his arms
Source: @miloandnoah

One day, he was scrolling through the internet when he bumped into Moose a one-eyed shelter dog that was looking for a forever home, and he immediately fell in love with the idea of adopting him!

As it turned out, Milo just loved the idea of having a brother of his own, and the two clicked in a heartbeat. Even though Moose was a little timid at first, Milo showed him all the love he needed, and the two formed a wonderful bond.

Last, But Not Least – Mowgli

a portrait of a dog with its tongue out and a big ball next to it
Source: @miloandnoah

Noah has always been a travel enthusiast, and having two dogs on the side didn’t stop him from taking cross-country road trips! In fact, traveling with Milo and Moose in a van was an amazing experience.

They would wake up together, take walks together, and visit amazing sites together – as a pack!

One day, they were on their way home when Noah decided to stop for some souvenirs. He got out of the van and spotted a beautiful dog

She was so hungry that she practically devoured the food Noah gave her. She had no one to take care of her, and she was evidently left to fend for herself.

a smiling man is sitting on a bench with three dogs
Source: @miloandnoah

According to store owners, she was dumped the night before in the desert, and her owners never returned, so Noah decided to step in!

“It was a big decision to make, but I knew I could not leave her out there,” Noah told The Dodo.

He welcomed the little girl he later named Mowgli into his family with arms wide open, and from that moment – she was a part of their amazing pack!

The Pawfect Trio

a man with his three dogs on a leash
Source: @miloandnoah

Milo and Moose loved the idea of adding the sister into their little family. In a way, it was as if they just knew Mowgli needed someone to take care of her, so both of them immediately switched into their “big brother mode”!

“I think my dogs are very emotionally aware and they knew that she wasn’t doing well, so we all were in rescue mode. Now that we’ve been together for a month, their relationship is just awesome,” says Noah.


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♬ Sunday – HNNY

Today, the three of them have the time of their lives with their dad! They all together make the perfect trio, and they just don’t know life without each other. 

Every day is a new adventure for Milo, Moose, Mowgli, and Noah. 

They play, go on walks, visit some amazing places together, and most of all – they shower each other with love all the time! It’s like Noah and his dogs are just meant for each other, as their love is unconditional! 
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