‘Alien Puppy’ Finally Finds Hoomans Who See Him For What He Truly Is


Who is to say that special-needs puppies aren’t as much fun? 

Ladies and gents, meet Malcolm, probably the bossiest, silliest, and yet the most loving special-needs Frenchie ever!

This teeny-tiny puppy from California with just the biggest personality was born a little different, but he keeps stealing hearts wherever he shows up. 

He proved many times that he’s a fighter. With a truly inspiring story behind him, Malcolm keeps battling through life and teaching us all about resilience and hope.

Mr. Boss Man

alien puppy
Source: @malcolmofthemoon

Thanks to a giant-hearted rescuer, Nikki, of Road Dogs and Rescue, from Southern California, Malcolm has found a place to call his own. Throughout the years, Nikki has always had a soft spot for dogs with hydrocephalus, and Malcolm was no exception.

Hydrocephalus in Dogs, representing a cerebrospinal fluid abnormality that results in a large, dome-shaped head, usually makes it difficult for dogs to function properly. Luckily, Malcolm’s condition hasn’t progressed, and he has been acting pretty much like a normal puppy.

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Objavu dijeli Malcolm Roswell HoneyHawk (@malcolmofthemoon)

He’s literally the boss of the house and definitely has a lot to say every time someone calls him out! 

“Little Malcolm is definitely Mr. Boss Man. He’s not short of opinions and he’s always got something to say,” Nikki told The Dodo.

He just loves being the center of attention – a door ‘guardian’ who decides who can and cannot enter Nikki’s home. But, at the end of the day, he’s just the sweetest boi who enjoys spending time with other rescues.

Despite his size and his condition, Malcolm has always been on the move, waiting for the next adventure with his packmates!

The Perfect Family

puppy in sweather
Source: @malcolmofthemoon

After six weeks of intense care and monitoring of Malcolm’s condition, he was cleared and set for adoption! This was probably the most bittersweet moment both for Nikki and all the dogs in her home, as Malcolm has truly been a sibling that everybody loved.

But, the good news was  – his next destination was an amazing home filled with love and adventures

Charlie, Vanessa, and their daughter, Katie, who already owned three French Bulldogs just couldn’t wait to meet their newest (and definitely the smallest) addition to the family.

From the moment they crossed paths, Malcolm and his new family formed a wonderful bond, making it clear that his new home will be perfect for him. 

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Objavu dijeli Malcolm Roswell HoneyHawk (@malcolmofthemoon)

The family’s biggest mystery was how other dogs would accept Malcolm. 

Their first dog, Sweetie Belle, was quite easy-going, as well as Sherman, who’s probably the most mellow in the pack. However, Ruby Mae, their other Frenchie, was the most neurotic and usually took the longest to adapt to new circumstances. 

They weren’t quite sure how she would react to Malcolm, but as soon as he entered the house – everything seemed so natural. He and his new siblings formed a wonderful bond in no time, breaking down all the stereotypes that might have been out there.

little girl holding alien puppy
Source: @malcolmofthemoon

Sure, this teeny boi exhibited some of his perky, bossy personality, but his new housemates accepted him with amusement!

Soon enough, Ruby Mae became Malcolm’s ‘mom’ who he always looks up to, while the other two doggos went into their sibling mode next to him.

“Ruby Mae has become, like, the mother figure, but Sherman, they’re kind of BFFs,” Katie told The Dodo. “Malcolm is pretty obsessed with Sweetie Belle,” she continues.

This big, lovely family has tons of fun on a daily basis, and Malcolm couldn’t be happier. 

He’s almost four years old now and still going strong with his siblings and his hooman companions. Hopefully, there are yet many more happy memories to come for this vibrant family – with Malcolm leading the way!