Rescuer Who Was Supposed To Adopt Two Pups Came Home With Six


Lee Asher, founder of a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, by the name of The Asher House, was keeping up with an incredible rescue based in Eugene, Oregon, when he noticed someone with whom he instantly fell in love.

Two dogs, a bonded pair, were residing at The Luvable Dog Rescue, looking for a forever home, and Asher decided that he would provide them with exactly that.

On the day he went to pick the pair up, Asher thought he would be coming home with two new pups; however, things did not go according to plan.

Met The Pups

puppies sitting in a chair
Source: The Asher House

When Asher arrived at The Luvable Dog Rescue, he immediately met the two pups he came to pick up, a French Bulldog and a Pug.

The adorable Frenchie, named Stella, was rescued from the street. She was so severely mated that she was unable to walk. The other pup, Teeny Bean, came from another shelter.

However, as he was having a tour of the rescue, Asher met Star. Star is a pup who was surrendered to the shelter by a breeder because she was having numerous digestive issues that the breeder was no longer willing to care for.

woman giving treats to puppies
Source: The Asher House

He also met two other adorable pups who were found in the middle of nowhere and brought to the shelter. And, after spending some time with them, they proved to be the sweetest things ever.

But, when the staff members informed him that they were up for adoption for a month without any hoomans interested in taking them in, Asher was completely shocked.

“A month?! Wait, this dog has been available for adoption for a month?” Asher asked the staff members.

After this shocking information, Asher knew that these three beautiful pups needed a home immediately, so he decided to adopt them.

close-up photo of a puppy
Source: The Asher House

One More

As he was preparing to leave, Asher also met a pup named Moo.

Moo is a black and white Pit Bull who loves to hang out with hoomans as well as other dogs. She loves to go on walks, and also be a couch potato.

“She is like the most perfect dog,” said one of the staff members.

man with a dog on a leash
Source: The Asher House

As soon as Asher met Moo, he immediately fell in love. Unable to leave her behind, he decided that she, too, needed to become part of his pack.

As soon as Moo realized she was adopted, she was ready to start her new life.

The team got all of the pups safely into Asher’s car, and they were off to his sanctuary, where they would start a brand-new chapter of their life.

“Luvable Dog Rescue, you are quite lovable. We love you. Thank you so much, it was so nice to meet you and to work with you. And it was just a joy to see how happy you were to get these dogs adopted. You are the real deal,” Asher said in a YouTube video.

man holding a dog and giving him a kiss
Source: The Asher House

Final Word

This is incredible!

This heartwarming story is the perfect example of just how much hoomans can change the lives of animals.

The Luvable Shelter gave these six dogs a happy but temporary home, and now Asher will show them what it is like to have a hooman and family who cares about them.

And, you can do it, too! Just head down to your local shelter and show an animal in need what it is like to be loved!