Mama Dog Was Trying To Save Her Puppies From Freezing By Asking Other Strangers For Help


If there is one thing that always convinces me of just how amazing and kind dogs are, it’s when I see stories or videos of mama dogs taking care of their young ones.

It’s such a simple thing, but yet it shows us the importance of love and compassion. What’s even better is when they help out other animals they come across.

Dogs are such simple animals and they always make our lives more fulfilling and better by just being there by our side.

In this story, we will talk about a scared mama dog who did her best to find help for her baby to escape from the freezing weather.

A Desperate Mama Dog

mother dog and its newborn puppy
Source: Animal Care

When a rescuer came across a sweet dog in the middle of nowhere, she decided to investigate a bit and see how she could help.

The person was shocked to see that this dog was a mom and was desperate to find some way to help her baby, but was too scared to ask for it.

They were living in the ruins of an old building, which didn’t help, as it was freezing outside. Without proper help, they would not have made it much longer.

I just can’t even imagine what could have driven them to go so far away from people that they would not even bother asking for help.

mama dog holding puppy in its mouth
Source: Animal Care

However, as fate would have it, things changed a bit after this mama dog met her new rescuer. She did not let her guard down immediately, and was still scared.

The rescuer just wanted to help the poor baby, but the mother was holding her in the mouth to prevent anyone from touching it. 

So, she tried to give the dog some sausage to see if she would eat and maybe let the puppy go for a bit.

The whole time, she was trying to find some sort of warm place for the baby, but there was nothing in the ruins.

A New Rescue Plan

guy holding puppy in his hand
Source: Animal Care

Her rescuer then tried by getting a warm blanket from the car and placing it near the dog to see if she would place the puppy there.

The mother would try by constantly pulling on the blanket and looking for the best spot to get warm.

However, she remained very uneasy and frightened, as she didn’t know what to do about her situation. She wanted help, but just didn’t know how to ask for it.

After a while, she settled down on the blanket with her puppy and finally let it out of her mouth. The rescuer then noticed something.

This baby was injured and needed help. However, it was difficult to retrieve the puppy from her mother in order to help it.

Now, the situation was different. The mom was finally calm, but her rescuer couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.

mother dog in cage
Source: Animal Care

She took a leash out of her car and placed it on her. She then carefully got the dog out of the horrible ruins and placed her in a kennel.

Now that she could help the puppy, the rescuer tried giving it CPR. Thankfully, it worked, so she placed the puppy in a blanket and then in her car where it was warm.

Now, all she had to do was get her back to her home where it was safe. Their ride there was probably the first time they were warm in a while.

After they arrived home, the rescuer placed them in a warm location and gave the mother some food. 

However, she needed to do something about the fact that the baby was still injured, so she took it to a veterinarian for treatment.

While we don’t know exactly what happened next, I am sure that this dog’s rescuer is committed to helping her and the baby live a normal life by giving them everything they need.