Six German Shepherd Mix Puppies Rescued Just In Time From Euthanasia


As the number of abandoned pets continues to grow each year, countless innocent lives face a heartbreaking fate amid the ongoing shelter crisis and overcrowding.

According to Shelter Animals Count (The National Database), the national euthanasia rates for shelter pets have climbed to an all-time high, forcing many shelters to make difficult decisions. 

In California, six adorable German Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix puppies found themselves on the brink of euthanasia. However, thanks to the swift and compassionate response of a kind-hearted individual, these precious lives were spared. 

Saved From Euthanasia 

dogs in shelter
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

In November 2023, The Animal Rescue Center Of California, a foster-based, non-profit shelter, received an urgent call from a woman named Susan Harsch about six adorable puppies who were going to be euthanized. 

These six German Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix puppies were only 14 weeks old and had still so much life in them. They didn’t deserve to be euthanized at such a young age. 

Susan was devastated about this, so she quickly contacted her friends at the Animal Rescue Center Of California. 

When they heard about these poor pups, they immediately jumped into action. Shortly after, six adorable puppies were pulled out of Coachella Valley Animal Campus (CVAC)

Four adorable girls and two boys were rescued and placed into temporary housing. 

Given that the ARC shelter operates on a foster-based rescue model, the pressing challenge was to swiftly secure foster homes for all six pups before their temporary housing reached its limit. 

So, the rescue turned to their dedicated followers, urging them to consider either fostering or adopting these precious babies. 

“The pups need fosters immediately, or forever homes. If you would like to foster or adopt, please reach out to us…,” said in the video posted by the shelter.  

The Happiest Ending 

Not only did the shelter successfully secure foster homes for the puppies, but an even better thing happened – all six pups found joyous forever homes through adoption. 

According to the Facebook post by the shelter, five of the puppies were transported to the East Coast, where they were adopted into loving families in Massachusetts and Vermont. 

dog in a car
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

One of the male siblings, Jake, did not find a forever home on the East Coast. Little did anyone know at the time that his destined home was patiently awaiting him in California. 

So, Jake stayed at the shelter in California, looking for his forever home, when the shelter received a heartwarming call. 

man hugging with dog
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

“Dale has had Blue Heeler mixes in the past and absolutely loves them. He’s been without a fur companion for a while and has been looking for a Blue Heeler to live with him on the farm. He missed out on another dog he really wanted, so when he saw Jake’s pic online, he didn’t hesitate and called us immediately. He wasn’t going to lose Jake,” the shelter wrote.  

Dale was the perfect match for adorable Jake, and the two quickly bonded. 

Jake is now enjoying his life running around the farm with the cows and chickens and spending his time with his best friend – Dave. 

From almost being euthanized to living their happily ever after… this story couldn’t have had a more perfect ending.