Sad Puppy Had To Watch All Of His Friends Leave But Then He Found His Special Person


Seeing a pup arriving in a loving home for the first time ever is a moment of pure joy. The fact that, from now on, everything they need to worry about is what game to play or how much to cuddle has literally no price for a dog lover!

When Carlie Cahill first saw Toad, he was a little puppy in a large litter, enjoying his first steps with his siblings in an Oklahoma foster home. Then, soon enough, all of his littermates got adopted, and Toad was suddenly left with no company.

Being a huge canine lover herself, Carlie couldn’t stand the idea of seeing Toad unhappy. So, she decided to do the most noble thing!

The Best Match

woman holding tiny puppy
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Before she officially adopted Toad into her loving home, Carlie had regularly visited him at her mom’s. Once Toad’s mom got pregnant, the shelter got her out and found her a foster – Carlie’s mother.

The momma dog delivered ten healthy babies, of which nine found their forever homes as soon as they got ready and strong enough. All but Toad began a new life chapter, and Carlie decided to do something about it.

She officially adopted him when he was around six months old – and from that moment on, the two have become inseparable!

woman and adopted dog sitting on couch
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“I think he was around 6 months old when I officially adopted him – but I met him right after he was born because my mom fostered (then kept) his mom! So he’s been with me most of his life,” Carlie wrote on Instagram.

At the time, Carlie was still in a college dorm, and she decided to pay for an apartment during her last semester without anyone knowing, just so she could keep Toad with her. And, he reciprocated with endless kisses and the happiest personality!

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Even though he has grown into a big, sturdy Staffie since then, he has always been the kindest dog. He got along with her friends, whom he always welcomed by the door with the happiest tail wag.

The good news was – Carlie’s mom decided to keep Toad’s momma, so the two kept seeing each other regularly. They had countless play dates together until his momma moved out of state.

But, even then, Toad preserved his enthusiasm and the big smile on his face. The fact that he had Carlie next to him was enough!

An 80-Pound Lovebug

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Toad has his sweet little quirks, such as bumping into cars, even though he has perfect vision. He also gets scared of everything that moves when he goes on walks with his mom – even leaves!

However, he’s very protective of his mom. He definitely needs a proper introduction with strangers, as he doesn’t allow everyone to approach Carlie easily. But, once he gets to know someone – he’s just the cutest lovebug!

“Toad is just a big baby. He thinks he’s a lap dog, even though he weighs 80 pounds. He’s a very happy boy,” Carlie told GeoBeats Animals.

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Carlie recently adopted a senior Chihuahua named Link, and Toad couldn’t be more excited! He welcomed Link with an open heart, thinking that he finally got a furever playmate!

“Toad was very excited when I brought him home and they bonded so much,” says Carlie.

His enthusiasm soon faded away once he realized Link was quite a loner, but that didn’t stop him from loving him.

“Toad has tried to play with Link and it’s very cute, but Link doesn’t have an interest in playing with Toad,” she continues.

two dogs lying on a sofa
Source: @shortysfanclub

Today, Toad and Link enjoy their Oklahoma home together, having endless cuddle sessions with the momma. 

This Staffie boi is a big boi now, but he never stopped being a child at heart. He still loves to play, go on walks, and embark on new adventures on a daily basis. And, for the most important part, his mom makes sure to keep showering him with love.

You can keep up with Toad and Link on their official Instagram.