Rescuers Found A Malnourished Hairless Dog And Decided To Give Him A New Chance


Sometimes, when you come across a stray or abandoned dog on the streets, it can really feel like some of them have truly given up on life.

It’s like they no longer believe that their lives can get better. I have seen it many times, and it’s a real problem.

In this story, we will talk about a hairless dog who was seriously depressed after being abandoned by his previous owner.

He Looked So Defeated

abandoned and injured dog
Source: The Dodo

When Henry was first found by his amazing rescuer, Prue Barber, it really looked like there wasn’t much hope for him left.

He looked completely defeated, and his health was declining at a rapid pace. It also looked like he hadn’t eaten in a while, which was horrible.

Luckily, an amazing person noticed his misfortune and decided to stop and help him. The woman noticed just how horrible he looked.

He lost so much hair and looked like he was suffering for a long time. Barber noticed that he previously had an owner, which made sense.

hairless dog on the street
Source: The Dodo

She told The Dodo: “But I could tell he’d had an owner so you could tell his heart was broken.”

Henry looked like his heart was broken after he was abandoned, and he was not optimistic about moving forward with his life.

However, Barber did not want to give up on him. She believed that he could bounce back and get a new chance to lead a normal life, so she decided to rescue him.

She led him to her car and noticed that he was not getting in at first. Barber then placed a leash on him to see if that would help, but Henry was still hesitant.

She then placed some food in the backseat of her car in hopes that he would take it and eat it inside.

Henry’s Amazing Transformation

hairless dog sitting in the car
Source: The Dodo

It kind of worked. He was slowly getting inside, but he needed that one extra push, so she kept giving him food and he was finally inside.

She took him to a veterinarian clinic where he desperately needed to start his rehabilitation journey.

He was then given a warm bath to help him get clean from all the dirt. Henry really enjoyed it, and he was finally ready to relax a little bit.

In order to recover, Barber decided to give him the best life possible as she believed it was a key to his new transformation.

healed white dog
Source: The Dodo

After living on the streets by himself and suffering without food for so long, this was a really amazing thing for Henry.

It looked like he was enjoying his life. His personality started to shine through and he was going on many adventures with Barber.

He even met his new dog siblings, and he got along with everybody so well. His favorite was obviously Sadie, as he enjoyed playing with her the most.

woman kissing a dog
Source: The Dodo

However, when it came to his future, Barber made it clear that she was going to be the one to adopt him.

She even said: “I’m banned from fostering from my own organization because I can’t give them up once I’ve had them.”

Henry is so lucky to have such an amazing family now, and it’s amazing to see how he managed to make such an incredible transformation in his life.