This Dog And His New Raccoon Sibling Have The Most Amazing Friendship Ever


We know that dogs are capable of making good friends with the strangest of animals, but sometimes, their ability to do so is just really fascinating.

I mean, how do they manage it? I never believed that my own German Shepherd was capable of making friends with our cat, but he did regardless.

So, seeing them befriend many different types of animals is just amazing. Dogs really are special. 

In this story, we will talk about a particular kind of dog who made best friends with a wild raccoon that his mom adopted.

Crystal’s Story

hand holding a tiny raccoon
Source: Cuddle Buddies

When Crystal, the raccoon, was first found in Florida, it was on someone’s pool deck, and she was only a few hours old and needed help very badly.

Even as a baby, she had many health problems, which caused her to end up paralyzed. However, this was not the end of the journey.

The rescue organization she was in provided shelter for wild animals that could not be released into the wild anymore, so they found Crystal a home.

photo of woman, raccoon and a dog
Source: @tows_and_tails

And, that’s how she met her first friend, Toumba, and her mom, Kristen. Ever since they started living together in the house, they became quick friends. Seriously, how do dogs do it?

The two like to snuggle, take long naps, and play around as much as Crystal can. Toumba was always so sweet and caring to her.

He showed empathy, patience, and was always ready to help her when she needed it. They are just such an amazing duo.

She Is Very Unique

raccoon lying in front of a fireplace
Source: @tows_and_tails

Kristen told Cuddle Bunnies: “I do think Crystal’s special needs have kind of shaped her personality.

She has an amazing personality and impeccable communication skills. Whenever she needs or wants something, she makes sure her mom knows it.

Crystal will either wag her tail or nudge her in case the first option doesn’t work. Her mom will immediately know she needs something.

To help her with her day-to-day activities, Kristen bought a stroller for Crystal. She would place her in it, and then they, along with Toumba, would explore the environment. 

raccoon leaning its head on dog's head
Source: @tows_and_tails

She was always curious about everything she saw, and a lot of people from Florida also showed interest in meeting Crystal.

Kristen expressed how her personality is something truly unique, and it really sets her apart. She said: “She is a very strong willed raccoon so she knows what she likes.

When talking about Crystal, Kristen always emphasizes how much this sweet little raccoon has changed her and Toumba’s life for the better.

It’s really beautiful to see how one small and sweet raccoon has managed to make the most out of her life with the most amazing family she could wish for.