Pup Labeled As ‘Code Red’ Was Saved 10 Minutes Before His Euthanasia


Everybody deserves a second chance at life – especially those who had a hard life growing up.

That is why when The Animal Rescue Center Of California got a call about a Brindle who was going to be euthanized in an hour, they dropped everything they were doing and swiftly made their way down to the shelter to help him.

Luckily, they managed to arrive at the last moment.  

Racing Against Time

photo of dog labeled as code red
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

When they arrived, they learned that the pup was about to be euthanized because he showed his teeth to an animal control officer, and because of that, he got tagged Code Red.

They also learned that the pup, later named Milo, had a hearing problem, which they suspected was causing him a lot of anxiety and to act in the way he was acting.

Since the shelter’s environment wasn’t doing him any favor either, The Animal Rescue Center Of California took him in and decided to help him.

dog on a leash at the vet clinic
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, he met with Michelle Bergeron, the supervisor of the Adoption Alliance rescue program. Spending just a few moments with him, Bergeron understood what was going on with this pup.

“He’s not hearing things coming. I accidentally touched him with my foot and he spun around and he freaked out and then he was suddenly like ‘Oh, it’s you, it’s okay’,” said Bergeron in a YouTube video.

woman walking the dog down the hall
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

The very next day, Milo was able to find himself a foster home!

However, when he got in the car and understood what was going on, Milo had a very hard time saying goodbye to Bergeron, a hooman who continuously showered him with unconditional love.

But, Milo was about to meet another very loving hooman by the name of Alex – his new foster mom.

New Life

photo of woman and dog outdoors
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

Milo’s time spent at his foster home was filled with nothing but happiness and love. He loved having fun with his foster mom as well as playing with his favorite toys and his tail.

But, as much as he had fun with Alex, Milo dreamed of being a part of a family of his own.

Unfortunately, that took him longer than he anticipated.

dog lying on the floor of living room
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

After spending some time with Alex, Milo was taken in by another foster, who continued showering him with love and attention.  

Even though he was a bit confused at first, it didn’t take him too long to understand that he was in good hands.  

“Well, the night went well… He doesn’t seem to go into the kennel on His own. So while I was on the couch last night he lay at my side on the floor… So I decided to sleep there for a bit. About three in the morning I went to the bed. He came into the bedroom and lay on the carpet at the foot of the bed. Until about 6 AM… And then he half jumped on the bed with his front paws and I told him it was OK to come up… And he did. And we slept a little bit longer,” wrote the California shelter in a Facebook post.

Luckily, Milo didn’t have to adjust to his new life too much since only a few months after he arrived at his second foster home, Milo was adopted!

woman hands petting rescued dog
Source: The Animal Rescue Center

Milo was taken in by an incredible family who already had a dog, so they were not only able to give him a warm and loving home but a furry sibling as well.

From almost being euthanized to spending four years at the fosters, this pup is finally able to relax and enjoy all the beauties of his new life!

Good boy, Milo!