This Sweet Pittie Was So Terrified Of Everything Until She Met Her New Foster Parents


As someone who has owned a dog before, one thing I don’t really like looking back on is all the times he was scared.

There were only a few things that he hated, fireworks being one of them, but his reaction to it was heartbreaking. He would pretty much be paralyzed with fear and not know what to do.

His head would be close to the wall, as he could not deal with what was happening. We would always try to help, but this kind of fear was difficult to deal with.

It’s irrational, and not much can be done about it. However, what can be dealt with is a dog’s fear of humans. 

We have often given them many reasons to dislike us and react the same way, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this story, we will talk about a pittie who was so scared of people that she would avoid them until she met her amazing foster parents.

A Very Frightened Pittie

sweet dog in a cage
Source: The Dodo

When Poppy was first introduced to her new foster mom, Michelle, she was just so scared of meeting her.

She did not trust humans, and it took a long time before that changed, but her new caretakers tried their best to help.

On their first meeting, Michelle noticed that she was wheeled in a cart and was looking down the whole time. 

She told The Dodo: “She was just hunched over trying to make herself so small. It was a very heartbreaking experience.

woman with hat and dog
Source: The Dodo

When they finally took her to the house in California, they had to change up a lot of things to accommodate Poppy.

She was given a lot of space to move around in, but despite this, the dog would still not come out of her kennel. She was just that scared.

However, a few days went by and Michelle noticed a change in Poppy. She actually came to her and tried to place her head into her foster mom’s lap.

It was adorable and the first good sign that she was learning how to trust other humans. Michelle was just so happy about this that she started crying.

Poppy Is Changing So Much

black dog standing on a grass
Source: repuplicrescue

The next step was trying to get Poppy to interact with the outside world, but it was not easy. Michelle said: “Every time you brought a leash out, she would run into a corner.

It took a while, but she managed to convince Poppy to relax so her mom could put on a leash. After that, she was taken for a nice, small walk so she could finally enjoy herself a bit.

Michelle noticed just how much she preferred to be around other dogs, and this was good as it meant she was connecting with them more.

In the time she spent with her, so much had changed. She was now a lot more outgoing and loved to play around with everyone. While she is still a little skittish, she has made a lot of progress.

happy dog with open mouth
Source: repuplicrescue

However, her journey with Michelle would soon come to an end as she was sent to a new foster home. Poppy’s foster mom was very emotional about this, but she knew that it was for the best.

Michelle said: “We arrived at Rylee’s house. She tried to run the other way when we tried to bring her in the house, so she was definitely still very fearful.

She met her new best friend, Oak, when she arrived, and the two instantly became best friends. The two would be inseparable from that point onward.

Black dog and brown dog
Source: repuplicrescue

Rylee would take them to many new places to explore around California, and she would send Michelle regular video updates showing just how she continues to change all the time.

When it came time to decide on what happened with Poppy, Rylee just couldn’t let her go and it was a foster fail.

She adopted this adorable pittie, and she is now living her best life with a sibling and a mom who cares deeply for her.