Rescuers Were Heartbroken To Find A Severely Malnourished Dog Living Next To A Highway


It’s not often that we find ourselves in a situation where we have to make a decision to help an animal have a better chance at life.

However, when we are, it should be to help out. It doesn’t always have to be much, but it’s important to try.

This one small decision can potentially impact their life in a positive way. It can give them the will to fight on and maybe even an opportunity to live a normal life.

In this story, we will witness one such example where a rescuer received a call about a malnourished dog near a highway and had to go and help.

Starving Dog Near A Highway

photo of severely malnourished dog
Source: Dogs Are Family

After acknowledging the call, the rescuers managed to find the dog and were shocked by the condition he was in.

He was so malnourished that they could see his bones, and his fur was almost gone. The poor pup was so weak that he couldn’t even move. It was so heartbreaking.

There was a small billboard where he was staying, and it kept him shelter from both the heat and the cold for as long as he stayed there.

Regardless, his rescuers will now do their best to give him a new chance. One of them had taken the dog into her arms and placed him in a kennel.

dog in bad condition at vet clinic
Source: Dogs Are Family

She was so emotional by seeing the dog in this state that she cried after realizing how much he had been through all by himself.

Rescuers then rushed him to the nearest clinic to see if the veterinarians could do something to help him. They were completely taken aback by his appearance.

They wasted no time. The vets did a full checkup, and it revealed that he had scabies and parasites. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated, but they could fix that.

The dog, now named Lancris, was placed on a strict diet to help him regain his weight. He had to eat a lot of smaller meals during the day. 

This would continue until he was at a somewhat safe weight, and then he could proceed with eating a few big meals.

Lancris Will Make A Recovery

dog lying in crate
Source: Dogs Are Family

After the veterinarians were assured that the dog would recover, they discharged Lancris from the clinic, and he was now in the care of his amazing rescuer.

She had taken him into her home and watched carefully as he was making a slow but good recovery.

His new caretaker also made sure to treat his skin problems so that his fur would grow back normally.

Days had gone by, and his rescuer did everything to help him get strong enough to walk again. She even encouraged him to try and move on his own; however, it was still a bit early.

rescuer's hand holding dog's head
Source: Dogs Are Family

After 10 days, he was now capable of not just moving around, but also running, and he would take every opportunity he had to do it.

Even though he is still on the road to recovery, he is making amazing progress, and his rescuer will be there for him every step of the way to make sure it happens.

While we don’t know what happens next in the story, I have no doubt that Lancris is enjoying his new life and is taking every opportunity to run around and explore new environments.