Old Dog Was Heartlessly Dumped But Good Souls Helped Him Live His Remaining Years With Smile


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Although rescuers of the House of Wonderful Animals were already used to similar heartbreaking situations, they were shocked when they found a motionless dog lying in the snow. 

This poor doggo had already been in that place for two days, so it was no wonder that he was petrified. It wasn’t easy for these good people to watch a dog that couldn’t move any part of his body. 

Besides, he was so sad and terrified that they couldn’t find a glimmer of hope or happiness in his eyes. He was a living testimony of what heartless actions of those whom the dogs trust the most can lead to. 

That’s exactly why these rescuers were determined to help this poor canine and put a smile back on his face. 

Finally Safe

dog in a snow
Source: Animal Shelter

It was not an easy task for the rescuers to drag this dog from that place. Besides shaking with cold and fear, he was so frozen that he couldn’t move his legs at all

However, after they wrapped him in warm blankets and gave him a lot of love, he relaxed a little. Finally, one of the rescuers was able to take him in his arms and carry him to the car. 

abandoned dog in a snow
Source: Animal Shelter

They immediately brought him to the vet, where he was crying from pain and still didn’t trust anyone. Those were painful moments for them to witness, but there was no other way to save him from his misery. 

When he calmed down a bit, the vet was finally able to examine him. His body temperature was so low that he probably would not have survived if he had stayed another day in that place.

abandoned and injured dog
Source: Animal Shelter

Luckily, with their help, he slowly began to recover. It was a real little miracle, considering that they estimated that he was around 15 years old

Unfortunately, even though his body temperature returned to normal, he still couldn’t move. After the doctor did a more detailed examination, he discovered that this dog was suffering from a pelvic fracture and hip dislocation. 

vet and black dog
Source: Animal Shelter

It certainly couldn’t be a coincidence but another consequence of his owner’s heartlessness. His saviors, as well as the veterinarian, himself, were most shaken by this very fact. 

Nevertheless, now he was finally safe and among people who would only give him unconditional love. 

Happy Days

happy old dog
Source: Animal Shelter

On the last day of his stay at the veterinary clinic, the rescuers saw a smile on this dog’s face for the first time. It was the best sign that he was healing, but the road to full recovery was still very long. 

After a week spent in the clinic, he was finally discharged, and his rescuers took him to their shelter. There, they provided him with everything he needed, and he also met many new canine friends who were a true balm for his wounded soul. 

Although he was still very weak and also limped, he did not stop playing in the yard of the shelter. He was the oldest dog there, and the other pups respected him a lot. In just a few days, his life became a blessing.

black dog in a snow
Source: Animal Shelter

In the meantime, people at the shelter reported this case and managed to find his former owner. That man refused to admit guilt and made the excuse that Morozko, as he called him, actually strayed in that place. 

It was a silly explanation for them, but they didn’t want to bother too much with him. They directed all their energy toward Morozko to enable him to spend his remaining days in happiness and well-being.

Even though he went through a nightmare, Morozko was now experiencing his most joyful moments, and he didn’t take the smile off his face anymore.