Starving Cane Corso Cruelly Dumped In A Desert Finds A Loving Home In Oregon


Despite being human’s best friends in the world, some dogs are nothing but victims of their owners’ cruelty. 

Instead of enjoying a happy home, they are sentenced to roam the streets in search of new shelter and food only because their owners decide not to want them anymore.

Anderson faced the same destiny when he was cruelly dumped and left in Box Canyon in Mecca, California. This sweet Cane Corso roamed the wilderness for days, all alone in this world. He was near the edge of no return when, finally, a couple showed up!

Inhumane Act

cane corso curled up in the desert
Source: RV Life RevVed UP

Jason and Katie were camping in the Canyon when they saw a Cane Corso dog curled up by their campsite. At first, the couple was shocked to see a dog in the middle of nowhere with no leash and no owner.

Jason slowly approached him and offered him some water, which he gladly accepted. At that point, he was extremely emaciated, couldn’t lift his head up, and he was barely standing on his feet

Once they realized the dog was probably a victim of abandonment, they contacted Kirk Geiger, one of the founders of The Animal Rescue Center Of California. 

black dog in a desert
Source: RV Life RevVed UP

“When we first found him he couldn’t lift his head, he had a really hard time standing up, his eyes were blood red, like he was so dehydrated,” the woman told Kirk.

This long-time rescuer drove to the site within hours. The dog, later named Anderson, was quite nervous around Kirk at first, but he was clearly all warmed up to his founders. 

Kirk was amazed when he heard that it took only a day for this sturdy pup to let down his guard and socialize with new people, especially because it was natural to expect him to be suspicious of strangers.

guy with hat and cane corso
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

Then, another friendship was made! Kirk offered Anderson some food, and in no time, this big canine immediately took up to him. 

After the initial introduction, the two drove off to the facility, where Anderson was further taken care of.

Off To A New Start

guy and dog in a desert
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

The vet exam showed Anderson was nearly a year and a half old, and despite all odds, he was a healthy pup. He was a good boi all along, making friends everywhere he went. 

He also passed his evaluation test with the highest score possible, as Anderson showed no signs of aggression toward other dogs. He was extremely enthusiastic and wanted to play, which indicated that he had probably been trained in the past.

“He’s just been a joy to have and we have completely fallen in love with this breed. He is such an amazing dog. He’s just the sweetest, goofiest, lovebug and so devoted and incredibly bright, totally low key,” his rescuers wrote.

guy walking Cane Corso
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

It didn’t take long for this sweet boi to have his story spread out on social media. He had applications pouring in just a few days, but one particular hooman stood out in the crowd.

Jay, the owner of Cane Corso and a Shih Tzu, fell in love with Anderson’s story right off the bat, and he instantly decided to go and meet him. The two formed a wonderful bond right off the bat, and there was no doubt – he was Anderson’s new dad!

“There was no doubt in our minds that they were a perfect match. Anderson took to him immediately and Jay is a natural leader, so he listened to every word Jay had to say,” The Animal Rescue Center Of California wrote.

Cane Corso in a car
Source: The Animal Rescue Center Of California

The two sat in the car and drove off to a new start in Jay’s loving home in Oregon. After all this time, Anderson finally found an owner who showed him the true meaning of love and affection, and now he was about to embark on an exciting life adventure!

Together with his two doggo buddies, he will have tons of fun in a new family. And, most importantly, he will never, ever need to worry about being abandoned again!