Starving Dog Scared Of Everyone Completely Transforms When He Meets His Saviors


It’s no coincidence that most stray dogs you see outside are malnourished and scared of everyone they meet.

For most of their lives, this indifference and abuse was the only thing they knew and it scars them emotionally. It’s usually a miracle when some of them regain their trust in people.

In this story, we will talk about a starving dog who finally got a new chance to live his life.

A Terrified Puppy

dog sitting in front of the brick house
Source: YouTube

When Donna, an animal rescuer working for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, received a call about 3 starving puppies living in horrible conditions, she knew she had to be there to help them fast.

She was on the scene in no time, and she found one of the dogs pretty quickly. It wasn’t a surprise to her that he was pretty terrified of this encounter.

Donna noticed his reaction and approached him very slowly in hopes that he would ease up a bit and realize that she was not a threat.

At first, it seemed like he wasn’t relaxing, so the dog started growling as a fear response. She tried to put a leash on him, but he fiercely resisted.

When that didn’t work, she tried baiting him in with a food trap. This worked, and she managed to place him into her car.

Red Rooster’s New Life

cute brown dog near house
Source: YouTube

When the puppy, now named Red Rooster, was finally safe, Donna decided to have a look around for a bit to see if she could find the other strays that were there.

When the search didn’t yield any results, she realized that they would have to look for them some other time. 

For now, she had to take this new puppy to an animal shelter where he would receive proper help.

Mostly, the dog was in good shape, but he was severely malnourished, so they had to feed him for quite some time until he got his weight up.

brown dog sitting on front seat of the car
Source: YouTube

Once he was healthy enough, the St. Louis shelter workers put him up for adoption. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t have to wait long to be adopted.

Now, this beautiful dog can finally enjoy everything life has to offer in the safety of his new home with his amazing family.

As for the other missing puppies, while it’s unclear if they found them by now, the rescuers have stated that they will continue looking for them.