Senior Dog Loves To Be Tucked For The Night By His Caregivers At Illinois Shelter


Comfort is important. Not only is it crucial for us, but dogs also love it very much. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying for them than to come back home after a long walk in the park and lay down in their comfy bed.

It’s a natural feeling that we share, and that’s why it’s important to give your dog the comfort he deserves.

In this story, we will talk about an old shelter dog who also loves napping in his bed, and is particularly fond of a tucking-in ritual. 

A Bedtime Preparation

dog wrapped in a blanket
Source: Knox County Humane Society via The Dodo

Sandy is a very special dog. She has spent a lot of time in the Knox County Humane Society, in Illinois. However, during her first days there, she was quite unhappy.

The staff at the shelter were happy to assist her with anything she needed, but they weren’t sure if it was enough. Lou Ann told The Dodo: Sandy came to the shelter back in 2013. She was running at-large and no one claimed her.

The old dog had been adopted several times in the past, and for a time, it felt like things would work out for her.

Sadly, the pandemic hit and her parents got ill, so they had to surrender her to the shelter where they would help her.

A Sweet Routine

dog laying on the couch in the blanket
Source: Knox County Humane Society via The Dodo

They noticed that Sandy was really sad, so to help her cope with the sadness, they came up with a bedtime routine to make her feel better.

Ann said: Since being here, Sandy has picked up the routine of getting tucked in every night. She jumps up in her chair, and one of our employees will tuck her in. 

It is something that has become an almost-every-night thing that she looks forward to.

Despite her advanced age, her playful spirit has never relented and she has remained a very happy dog.

Going to bed and waiting to be tucked in has become her favorite routine and it ensures that she always gets a good night’s sleep.

Ann said: She is very sweet and loving. Although we love Sandy so much, our dream is for her to have her own forever home where she’d get tucked in every night.

dog catching the air from the car
Source: @knoxcountyhumane

After a year of being in the shelter, Sandy has finally found her new family, and is now enjoying time in a loving home with a family that loves her and cares about her.