While Restlessly Looking For A New Home, This Adorable And Very Tired Pup Fell Asleep On Somebody’s Doorstep


One thing that always surprises me about some stray dogs in the stories I read is just their level of optimism.

They go through so much every day, sometimes even for years, but they are still very happy to see other people and play with them.

I will always admire them for that. In this story, we will talk about a happy stray puppy who stopped and lied down on a family’s doorstep to see if they would help him.

A Really Adorable Pup

stray dog sleeping
Source: Youtube

When Bethany woke up one morning, she was surprised to see a stray puppy sleeping on the doorstep of her house in South Carolina.

She opened the door, which immediately woke him up and she noticed that he was just very happy to see someone.

Bethany didn’t know where the dog came from. One theory was that he must have been abandoned, which would explain his kind nature, but she couldn’t be sure.

stray dog on the floor with bike
Source: Youtube

The family didn’t have the heart to send him away, so they allowed him to sleep there and gave him some food.

A few nights later, Bethany allowed her son to play with the dog and the two just immediately bonded.

Ryder’s Forever Home

woman with dog in the car
Source: Youtube

Some days went by and Bethany thought it would be a good idea to take this dog to the vet in South Carolina, so they placed him in the car and were on their way.

After things checked out well, she didn’t know if they should adopt the dog. However, it really seemed like it was meant to be, so they decided to do it.

It was not easy for the first few days, as the dog, named Ryder, never lived in a house, so he didn’t know how to feel about it.

However, when Bethany realized that he wasn’t coming in, she gave him a small nudge and he immediately made himself at home.

stray dog licking woman
Source: Youtube

It’s almost as if he had lived there his entire life. Ryder got along with everyone so well and the kids just loved playing with him.

He has made their lives better in so many ways. Ryder is a young and smart dog who loves his family and is finally happy to be in a home.

I am so happy to see that this cheerful dog found the family he deserves and I wish them all the best on their adventures together.