Adorable Dog Who Was Kept In A Cage For A Long Time Battled Depression Until She Met Her Fosters


Our world can be a cruel place, especially to animals. However, a lot of that cruelty is often associated with us, as sometimes, we are the main cause.

It happens in many ways, whether it’s abuse, neglect, or just ignoring the problem. We are not doing enough to help save animals like dogs and cats from the horrible treatment of people.

In some instances, people will cage and use them for many different and horrifying reasons, and it needs to be stopped.

For this story, we will talk about a dog who was held in captivity and neglected, along with almost 400 other dogs, before they were eventually saved.

A Fraudulent Rescue 

dogs in captivity
Source: The Dodo

When a group of rescuers were notified by their local police about a case of a fraudulent dog rescue, they came to help save them.

The police escorted them to the place where they held the animals captive, and the rescuers were shocked by what they saw.

It was clear that whoever was trying to pass this place off as a rescue to collect donations didn’t care about animals at all.

They were being kept in horrible conditions – many of them were malnourished and had likely not eaten in days.

many dogs behind the fence
Source: The Dodo

Some dogs were placed in a small cage while others were put in kennels that were all stacked on top of each other.

It was truly horrible I just can’t understand people who can do something this heartless to these sweet dogs.

However, things were about to change for all of them. The rescuers were there to help them, and they were going to try their best to ensure that all of them make it.

A Difficult Task For The Rescuers

white dog in captivity
Source: The Dodo

One of the rescuers noticed a dog in particular who just seemed sad and defeated like she didn’t have any hope of being saved.

The sweet pup was also really malnourished, and it looked like he had not eaten in such a long time. 

The rescuers started getting on the task. The first order of priority was to give water and food to all of the dogs.

As soon as they placed the bowl near them, every dog would eat their food very fast, and it was just tragic seeing how much they were suffering.

woman holding two dogs
Source: The Dodo

To make things even worse, there were quite a few newborn puppies who were also in critical condition, but they received help just in time.

Now, it was time to transfer all of them to a better place where they would receive all the help they needed.

The rescuers called out to other organizations and fosters to help, as they needed to find help for 398 dogs.

Two-thirds of the dogs were placed in a foster home, and the remaining 100 were moved to more humane shelters until they could find a forever home.

What Ever Happened To Iris

adopted white dog
Source: The Dodo

However, one of the rescuers started wondering what happened to the sweet dog who was so sad and depressed.

She managed to find her and realized that she hadn’t managed to find a foster home yet. 

However, things were about to change for this pup, now named Iris, as her wonderful rescuers did their best to find her an amazing foster.

After she was taken in, her mood changed completely. A giant weight was lifted off her, and she was now allowed to be a dog and enjoy her life.

sweet and cute white dog
Source: The Dodo

This was amazing, and her fosters were so happy to help her. She enjoyed being around them so much; however, they still needed to find the perfect home for her.

Luckily, a new opportunity had appeared. Iris was a changed dog with her fosters, but her new family had noticed just how happy she was.

They absolutely adore everything about her and are happy that such a sweet dog is now a part of their family. 

I am amazed at how Iris managed to make such an amazing recovery and start her life all over again when she found the right people. She is now the happiest dog in the world.