Oregon Man Falls In Love With A Pup Who Was Chained Outside For A Year Because Of His Separation Anxiety


It is a sad fact that some dog owners do not know how to properly take care of their dogs.

They tend to forget that dogs have emotions, too, and that in order for them to live a happy and healthy life, they need to be shown love and affection on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, a pup named Harvey grew up in an environment that didn’t allow him to do what a puppy is supposed to.

However, after some time, he ended up meeting two hoomans who would make his life the best one ever!

Pup Named Harvey

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Before Harvey came to his true home, he was a family dog with a pretty bad case of separation anxiety.

Because his previous family didn’t know how to properly handle a pup with such a condition, they decided that chaining him outside and separating him from others would be a good way to deal with it.

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Harvey spent almost a year without being able to freely move before being taken to an Oregon pound in search of a new family.

After some time, a hooman came into the pound looking for a furry friend when he noticed that, out of all of the other dogs in the kennel, Harvey would keep to himself and remain quiet.

“When they were in the play yard Harvey came over and fully leaned on him. And I was like, oh yeah, you get the lean from the dog, you know that you are in,” Olivia, Harvey’s mom, told GeoBeats. 

As soon as he met Harvey, Olivia’s partner knew that this was the pup for him.

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Harvey became really attached to his dad and would be heartbroken if he left for even the shortest period of time.

Luckily, after some time, Harvey realized that his loving hooman would always come back, and there was no need to panic.

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The first time Harvey met Olivia was when she went out on the first date with his dad. And, just like with them two, Harvey and Olivia immediately fell in love.

New Life

After becoming a part of a new family, Harvey’s life completely changed.

He now leads a very active life full of adventures and was never chained down or restricted in his movements.  

“We live in Oregon and we love exploring all of it. He is out in the snow, he is out skiing, he is doing all sorts of outdoorsy dog things,” she said.

The family also lives near the river, to which Harvey is very thankful, considering that he loves swimming and spending time in the water.

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Harvey loves spending time with his hoomans and was able to leave his past behind and build a very strong relationship with them.

“It has been so nice seeing him find that independence and trust and know that I can take space away from my parents and that doesn’t mean that when I come back inside they are not going to be there,” she added.

Apart from having a loving family, Harvey now also has a younger furry sibling!

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Perfect Home

Harvey truly struck gold with his new family. Olivia is the type of hooman who will love with all her heart, no matter the animal.

“With any animal in my life specifically is going to get an infinite amount of love and care and compassion because that’s just the relationship that I would strive to have with my animals,” said Olivia.

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However, she admits that this pup gets an added layer of that love and care as she is aware of his past and wants to make up for everything he lost while he was only a little, helpless puppy.

By the looks of this beautiful dog, I can guarantee that both she and her partner have done exactly that.

A big thank you to them and any other hooman who dedicates their life to showing an animal that life can be magical.

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