Sorrowful Dog Who Was Found Shivering Uncontrollably In The Cold Decided She Wanted To Walk Again


When a team of rescuers heard about a pup who was severely abused by its owners and then kicked out on the street, they were outraged.

Not being able to bear the thought of this pup spending nights all alone in the freezing cold, the team headed down to the location, determined to take the dog somewhere safe.

Luckily, as soon as they arrived, they managed to find the pup. However, when they saw the state she was in, they were completely heartbroken.

Heartbreaking Scene

photo of abused dog
Source: The Moho

The pup, later named Stesha, was completely furless and was hiding in a box by a convenience store.

Since it was snowing, the poor pup was shivering uncontrollably, and because she had no fur, she was unable to warm herself up.

close-up photo of abused dog
Source: The Moho

The rescuers quickly picked her up and tried to warm her up as much as they could.

They got her into their car in order to take her to the vet, and as soon as Stesha was in the lap of one of the rescuers, being so exhausted, she fell asleep.

When they arrived at the vet, the team suspected that she would be diagnosed with frostbite, demodicosis, and even pneumonia. Unfortunately, it was something much worse.

She constantly had a high fever and even had seizures, and a few days after she arrived, the vet determined that Stesha had the plague.

dog lying on a black mat
Source: The Moho

One Determined Pup

As soon as her rescuers found out about the diagnosis, they were left heartbroken as they assumed that because of the condition she was in, she wouldn’t make it.

However, Stesha decided to prove them wrong.

abused dog lying
Source: The Moho

Having suffered so much abuse, Stesha was unable to walk, but she did not let this get in her way.

Every moment she gets, Stesha tries to get up on her paws and walk around. And, even though her body twitches and she is unable to straighten her legs, this determined pup crawls in order to get to where she wants.  

woman helping dog to stand up
Source: The Moho

As soon as they saw her strong and never-ending hope, the rescuers knew they had to step in, too.

Stesha started going to the rehabilitation center where she was learning how to walk again!

Five months after being rescued, this determined pup was able to walk all by herself.

Her rescuers were overjoyed when they saw that their little girl was able to walk up to them to receive well-deserved pets and cuddles.

abused dog trying to walk
Source: The Moho

This incredible doggo will need to spend some more time at the rehabilitation center before finding a family that will treat her the way she deserved all along.

Good luck, Stesha. I am sure that you will find the perfect hoomans for you!

Final Word

It is truly incredible to see a pup overcome its dark past and take on a life that is worth living.

Of course, this is all possible thanks to the incredible hoomans who are doing everything they can to rescue animals in need and show them that they can still be loved.

You guys are heroes!