Woman Driving Was Shocked To Discover A Mystery Box Sitting On A Sidewalk


When a woman in California was making her way to an appointment, she decided to take a different route than usual.

As she was driving down a very quiet side street, something strange caught her eye – a cardboard box was randomly sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.

But, when the woman noticed two little animals standing on top of it, she decided she needed to stop her car and investigate.

Mystery Box

mystery box on the sidewalk
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As soon as she got out of her car, the woman immediately ran toward the box and as she approached it, she noticed that the animals on top of it were kittens.

However, when she was just a couple of steps away, the kittens got scared and swiftly ran away.

The woman was about to run after them when she was stopped by a pair of glowing eyes staring at her from inside the cardboard box.

“I never go this way… The box was sitting here, halfway open. There [were] two kittens on top and two inside. And then they ran,” the woman said in an Instagram Reel posted by David Loop, founder of Sierra Pacific Furbabies.

cat peeking from the box
Source: @davidloop65

The woman decided she needed to find the other kittens so she decided to call some reinforcements – her husband.

When her husband arrived, the pair spent an hour and 45 minutes looking around the neighborhood, trying to locate the other cats.

The pair managed to rescue one kitten pretty fast, but the other one proved to be a bit more difficult.

Rescue Mission

The scared kitten decided to make her way into a deep hole, hiding away from the world.

The pair decided to reach out to Loop, hoping that he would be able to help. Luckily, the rescuer made his way down to the location immediately.

man digging in the bush
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Hearing the kitten’s cries coming from the hole, Loop kneeled down on the ground and got as deep inside as he could. A couple of moments later, he pulled out a little baby kitten.

“You’re safe, honey. You’re safe now,” Loop said to the kitten in a comforting voice.

The entire rescue mission was filmed and posted on social media:

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The four kittens were taken to Loops rescue center and were well taken care of as they were placed in a warm environment and given yummy food.

After they settled in, they were given nice baths so they could be nice and clean.

kittens eating
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After they were shampooed, rinsed, and blow-dried, they were placed in a warm, cozy bed. Loop talked to them in a smooth and calming voice, letting them know that they were finally safe.

The clean and happy kittens piled up on top of each other and fell into a well-deserved rest.

kittens lying
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Thanks to these incredible hoomans, within 12 hours, the abandoned kittens went from living on the streets to having a warm roof over their head.

Their next mission is to find loving forever homes where they will continue to be safe, clean, and fed.

Good luck, guys!