Couple Drops Everything They Were Doing To Save A Terrified Puppy Living On The Roadside


While driving down a road, Maria and Bryan didn’t expect to meet a sweet little creature who would end up changing their life.

The moment the couple saw a puppy running in front of their car, they slammed on the brakes and rushed to check up on her.

As soon as Maria and Bryan got a closer look at the pooch, they were moved to tears. The little fur baby was very fearful and underweight.

She looked at them with a worried look on her adorable face as if she was asking them to help her. The pup had nobody else to count on.

Providing Her The Help She Needed

malnourished dog
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Maria and Bryan fed her. The puppy extended her neck as much as possible to reach the food without getting too close to them. She was still frightened.

The couple took her to the vet clinic, where she was given medical attention.

Maria and Bryan brought her home with the intention of helping her find a forever home that she deserved, but the adorable puppy ended up stealing their hearts.

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“We had this running joke where we’re like, we can’t name her. If we name her, she’s ours. But we were kind of already knew that she was staying with us,” Bryan told We Love Animals.

They named her Nala.

Maria and Bryan are digital nomads, and the puppy fit into their lifestyle right away. Nala enjoyed visiting different places and being exposed to new smells.

Nala Is Smitten With Her New Best Friend

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Two months later, the couple came across another sweet creature on the road who was destined to captivate their hearts. 

It was a cat who ran underneath their car. Bryan picked him up and placed him in the car right next to Nala.

As soon as Nala and the cat, later named Simba, looked into each other’s eyes, they made an instant bond. The pup licked Simba, welcoming him to the family.

Nala and Simba became best friends. Their parents were delighted every time they saw them hugging and covering each other in kisses.

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“Whenever you have those low moments, we look at them and they give us the strength to go on. Our hearts just melt,” Maria said.

The couple credits Nala and Simba for teaching them to appreciate every single day in their life. 

photo of a couple with cat and dog
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Before their furry family members entered their life, Bryan and Maria used to travel by plane. Now, the whole family enjoys traveling together and driving through countries.

Nala and Simba often post updates about their dream life on their Instagram account. The two best friends relish traveling the world with their parents, who dote on them and make them feel safe and adored.