Ohio Pittie Refused To Give Birth Until She Was In The Loving Arms Of Her Foster Family


We all want only the best for our children. Those instincts live inside of us and will never disappear.

And, that stands not only for humans, but for dogs, too.

I can’t tell you how many occasions I’ve seen brave dog mommies fighting for their little ones, finding that one piece of old bread and bringing it back to them.

Those are the real animal heroes. 

Today, I’m going to tell you about one dog hero that amazed me with her determination. 

She was a stray, picked up and brought to the shelter. She had a terrible life… at least for most of it.

And, now she was pregnant.

This poor dog didn’t want the same life for her puppies. 

You’ll be surprised to see what she did to earn her pups a better life.

No, I Won’t Go Into Labor Here

Pregnant dog on a leash
Source: YouTube

Let’s go back a while in the past to the Cuyahoga County Kennel, in Valley View, Ohio. This local shelter became a temporary home for Storie… the unwanted Pittie that showed up heavily pregnant. 

As any stray dog that ends up in a shelter, Storie dreamed of the day when her new family would come and save her from all that misery. Above everything, she dreamed of a nice and cozy home for her little ones.

Storie did not want the cold shelter to be the first home her pups experience. She wanted something better for them. 

When you pray for miracles, miracles happen. 

Just when she thought her pregnancy was coming to an end and that her puppies would soon see the light of day at the shelter, Storie was saved. 

Chris and Mariesa were always such huge dog people. They have owned and taken care of at least a dozen dogs in the past. And, they still weren’t tired of the role of being dog pawrents. 

On their latest visit to Valley View Kennel, Chris and Mariesa decided they wanted to give a second chance to some pregnant dogs since they’re one of the most vulnerable categories. 

This is where Storie comes to the scene. 

When the couple saw her, they knew they had to bring Storie home with them. She was about to pop any day now. And, they could see in her eyes that Storie was desperate to leave the shelter and give birth elsewhere. 

There was no doubt: Storie was coming home with them.

The first stop was at their vet, where the X-rays showed that the heavily pregnant Storie was carrying 12 babies! This rescue girl was such a brave girl, and she managed to bring her pregnancy to the very end… successfully.

Chris and Mariesa had everything set up for the puppies. The whelping box was ready, and the couple figured they would have a couple of days to spend with Storie, help her relax, and get to know her better.

But, Storie had other plans. She had a big surprise for her new pawrents.

dog with her newborn puppies
Source: YouTube

Only 18 hours after coming to her new home, Storie started giving birth to her little ones, and Chris and Mariesa were more than stunned. No one expected it would be that soon.

One by one, a dozen healthy pups came into this world. 

Chris and Mariesa were happy their rescue mission was a success and that Storie did not experience the stress of giving birth at the shelter.

And, Storie was even happier: she got what she prayed for.

The Happy Ending 

newborn puppies
Source: YouTube

Two weeks after arriving into this world, the pups started opening their eyes and ears. Their bouncy side came up to the surface. These twelve rascals brought so much joy to the couple as well as to their mommy.

As they grew stronger, it became clear that this bunch of Pitties would bring joy to other people, too. Everyone was so excited to meet the little ones and offer them a permanent home.

Even mommy Storie got her furever pawrent… Chris’ best friend, Ryan.

The 12 little rascals all got their loving homes in record time.

two little cute dogs
Source: YouTube

And, everything turned out to be great in the end. 

Although they were joking that they would adopt one or two of these puppies, Chris and Mariesa decided they were too attached to all of them to pick just one or two favorites. They also let other people feel blessed by being in the company of these tiny doggos.

The moral of this story is definitely clear: if you manifest good things like Storie did, good things will happen to you. 

This poor stray did not let negative thoughts win her over. She was always thinking pawsitive, hoping for the day when her lucky star would finally shine upon her. 

And, that’s exactly what happened.