Sweetest Senior Pup Ends Up Being Returned To The Same Shelter Where He Waited 650 Days To Be Adopted


If dogs could speak, I’m sure they would define happiness as having a wonderful family who adores them and a loving home where they feel safe.

Unfortunately, many dogs struggle to find the happiness they all deserve.

Chiquitita, a 12-year-old pup, is one of the sweet shelter pups who is on a quest to find her forever parents and a place to call home.

She has spent more than 650 days hoping that someone would choose her and make her greatest dream of having a family come true.

Chiquitita’s Story

senior pup
Source: Watauga Humane Society

The pup’s journey has been difficult. Cruel people used her as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. After Chiquitita was saved, she was admitted to a shelter.

The doggo felt scared and needed time to overcome her past. She was also diagnosed with arthritis.

The shelter she was in was running out of space, and sadly, the adorable doggo’s number was placed on their euthanasia list.

Luckily, an alumni staff member at the shelter reached out to Watauga Humane Society, a shelter located in Boone, North Carolina, and asked them to save Chiquitita’s life.

The Watauga Humane Society took the doggo under their care.

As soon as the shelter staff met Chiquitita, they realized that the sweet doggo would need a lot of love to conquer her overwhelming fear.

The staffers fell in love with her, and they hoped that she would soon meet her forever family. The shelter environment was quite the opposite of what Chiquitita needed. 

“Shelter life was not for Chiqui. The noises terrified her, the floor was too slick for her comfort, and she was restless. She spent the first two weeks with us hanging out in our admin offices while she adjusted to her new surroundings,” Watauga Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

She needed a home of her own and loving parents who would show her that she deserved to be loved.

Sweet Life In A Loving Foster Home

dog wearing bandana sleeping
Source: Watauga Humane Society

Luckily, a wonderful couple decided to foster her, and they gave her a lot of love and helped her chase away her fears. Her foster family became enchanted with the adorable doggo.

Chiquitita loved snuggling with them on the couch and going on car rides. The love her foster family gave her made her thrive and turn into a happy pup. Chiquitita lived her best life.

dog in a car looking through window
Source: Watauga Humane Society

In order to increase her chances of getting adopted, her amazing fosters taught her to walk on a leash and took her to events. They even airdrop her photos to kind strangers they meet during their walks with Chiquitita.

Despite being such an adorable pup, Chiquitita continued waiting for her happily ever after.

photo of senior dog
Source: Watauga Humane Society

The shelter was convinced that the main reason why the pup waited so long was the fact that she wasn’t friendly with other animals. She needed to be the only pet in her home.

After Chiquitita’s foster family had to move to another apartment, the pooch moved in with another foster family.

The Pup Goes Through A Disappointment

close-up photo of senior dog
Source: Watauga Humane Society

Chiquitita’s sweet personality captivated the hearts of her foster family. The affectionate pup had a lot of love to give and she always covered her fosters in kisses.

In December of 2023, Chiquitita’s foster family adopted her. 

Her shelter friends were over the moon for her, and they couldn’t hold back their tears of joy. They were sure that their girl had found her happiness after she spent 650 days waiting for a forever home. 

Chiquitita was the happiest pup.

Unfortunately, a couple of months later, her family surrendered Chiquitita because they couldn’t provide her the care that she needed.

“We strongly believe that there is the right home for every shelter pet out there, but we also know that there is the wrong home for them as well. Not every pairing is a perfect match,” the shelter wrote.

dog on a leash
Source: Watauga Humane Society

The North Carolina shelter asked the Facebook community not to shame the family who made the difficult decision to return Chiquitita back to the shelter.

The adorable pooch went through disappointment, but she didn’t give up on her dream of finding her forever parents.

We hope that Chiquitita will soon find the happiness that she has searched for so long.

The lovely girl deserves to find her own family who will cherish her and spoil her with love.