Couple Found A Pup Tied In A Sack And Were Shocked To See His Reaction


It is not uncommon to see farm dogs out running on the roads of the countryside. However, when one couple from Princeton, Texas saw a small dog on a country road, they immediately noticed that this was a somewhat different situation. 

The dog, whom they saw from a relatively close distance, wasn’t moving at all and was also wrapped in some unknown material. 

Wade Shapp and his wife, Mandi, didn’t think twice, but immediately stopped the car and headed toward the place to help this poor creature.

Shivering In Fear

dog in bag
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

Since Wade and Mandi were both huge dog lovers, they could not remain indifferent to the scene they found at that place.

“He was tied up in a feed sack,” Wade told The Dodo. “You could tell that it was done intentionally. There was rope tied around the bottom, so he didn’t have much room to move.”

This was heartbreaking for both of them, but they quickly pulled themselves together and managed to free the dog from the sack. 

girl helping a dog
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

They tucked him in a warm blanket and gently carried him into their car that Wade parked nearby. 

Although they could see how much he was grateful to them for saving him, there was still immense fear radiating from his eyes. It was as if he had experienced something terrifying in addition to all of this. 

brown dog in the house standing
Source: WADE SHAPP via The Dodo

“He was definitely scared, and he shook and shivered, probably for the first four or five hours that we had him,” Wade said.

Although he couldn’t say for sure, Wade believed that this dog, whom he later named Bubba, spent about 24 hours at that place. That, in itself, was enough reason for this kind of look. 

However, soon, it would turn out to be something much more serious. 

The Act Of A Heartless Person

When they came to their house in Princeton, Texas, Bubba smelled pretty bad as he had urine and staff all over him. Nevertheless, Wade first fed Bubba because he was very hungry, which was to be expected considering the time he spent tied up in a sack.

cute brown dog
Source: WADE SHAPP via The Dodo

Right after that, he gave him a warm bath and Bubba finally started to relax, at least a bit. “I felt like that was a big trust thing,” Wade said. “I think he knows that we saved him.”

That evening, Bubba slept in a comfortable bed to get a good night’s rest for the veterinary examination that awaited him the next day. 

When that day came, Wade was convinced that it would just be a routine examination or that they would only find some minor health problems. But, he was shocked when the veterinarians told him what really happened to this poor little dog. 

brown dog laying on the floor
Source: WADE SHAPP via The Dodo

The vets told him that Bubba was shot. They found a gunshot wound on the inside of his upper leg. Besides the fact that this was a huge shocker for him, Wade also couldn’t believe that he hadn’t noticed anything. 

“I don’t know how I missed it, because it’s very large,” Wade said. 

Somebody wanted to take the life of this dog, but did not succeed in his nasty intention. However, this only motivated Wade to do everything to help Bubba and put a smile back on his face.

Incredible Resilience

adorable dog in the house
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

A local dog rescue group, Dallas DogRRR, expressed their deep disgust at this heinous act in their Facebook post. But, they also promised that they would do everything in their power to help Bubba find a forever home. 

However, Wade and Mandi, with whom Bubba was in a foster home during that time, were in no hurry because this little one had already integrated well into their family. He also quickly became friends with their two other dogs – Isabella and Dixie

“Bubba is one of the family members,” Wade said. “They get along pretty well.”

He bonded the most with Wade – a person he would surely remember for the rest of his life, given that it was he who was with him in the most difficult moments.

owner and dog swimming together
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

“Wherever I am, he goes, wobbling around on his little legs,” Wade said. His love and appreciation for Wade was truly wonderful. But, what amazed him the most about Bubba, though, was his incredible resilience.

“He’s a pretty brave little guy for having to go through everything that he went through … and it’s pretty amazing to me for him to put all of his trust into someone else after all of the stuff that he’s been through,” Wade concluded. 

Wade and his family were truly a salve for this little dog’s wound, not only the wound on his leg, but also the one on his heart.