Rescuers From Pennsylvania Gave A “Scary” Shelter Dog A Small Toy And His Reaction Is Just Heartwarming 


Green Bean arrived at the Pennsylvania SPCA after being rescued from a dog fighting ring alongside 32 other dogs. 

While many of his companions quickly found loving homes, Green Bean sadly stayed in the shelter for over two years. Why, you may ask? 

Green Bean, a Pitbull, bore the weight of unjustified labels – deemed a villain, scary, and even a monster. 

Despite his sweet demeanor, Green Bean was hardly given a chance to reveal his true self…

From ‘Scary’ To Adorable 

cute dog on a leash
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Rachel, a volunteer at the Pennsylvania SPCA and an animal influencer, was among the few people who instantly saw Green Bean for what he really was – an utterly sweet and loving dog. 

From the moment she saw him at the shelter, she was instantly drawn to him. 

Like others, she believed that Green Bean was not adopted for two years solely due to his background because otherwise, he was a perfect dog. 

dog in shelter
Source: GeoBeats Animals

“He was always smiling for anybody. He was in the shelter for two years, that’s just crazy to me, an animal in the shelter for two years and still be happy to see you,” Rachel told GeoBeats Animals. 

Despite his rough past and everything he had been through, Green Bean was always a smiling and happy boy waiting for some love at his kennel bars. 

“He would just come, wag his tail and just literally smiling. That’s what his greeting was like, would come up and just smile,” Rachel added. 

sad dog in a shelter
Source: GeoBeats Animals

During the two years he was at the shelter, the two bonded so much. Rachel often took the sweet pup off the campus, which he absolutely loved.

He was always so good on the leash, simply enjoying the different smells. 

“People keep on judging, saying, this dog is scary. I never felt unsafe with him, ever, ever,” Rachel said. 

Whenever Green Bean sees a toy, he absolutely melts, almost like a child on Christmas having the best day ever. 

dog with a toy in mouth
Source: GeoBeats Animals

He’s just a little dog loving his little toy. 

Green Bean Going Home 

Rachel has always thought that Pitbulls are the sweetest dogs despite their ‘bad’ reputation. 

“I think that a lot of people don’t give these dogs a chance because they’re just, honestly, I think they’re afraid … People just automatically will think, ‘oh Pitbull, they’re aggressive’, they’re really not, it’s how you train them,” Rachel added. 

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After two years at the shelter, Green Bean was finally adopted into a loving home that could provide him with lots of attention, treats, pets, and toys. 

While she was immensely happy and proud of him, Rachel couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness at parting ways with a dog she had formed such a strong bond with.

She wrote in her Instagram post: 

“I will never forget the last time I took you out. He didn’t want to go back in his kennel and I said, honey, this is the LAST time I have to put you back in here. I will miss you, but for very good reason. I hope this is not a goodbye, but a see you soon in your new home ❤️.”

I also hope that this sweet boy is finally living the life he always dreamed of.