Desperate Mama Dog Was Crying And Running After Cars, Begging People To Help Her Sick Puppy


Mothers are capable of moving mountains in order to keep their children safe from harm. Their unconditional love is incomparable to any other love.

A mama dog named Salina faced her worst nightmare after cruel people abandoned her and her puppy on the side of a snowy, deserted road.

Both she and her baby endured hunger and cold. After the mother dog noticed that her puppy was sick, she started crying and chasing the passing cars.

Despite being dumped and betrayed by people, she put all her faith in humans. She begged them to stop and save her baby.

Will anybody show her compassion and provide her the help that she needs?

Good People Call For Help

mama dog walking on road trying to find help
Source: Animal Shelter

A group of hikers noticed the desperate dog who was running after the cars. They immediately reached out to the rescuers, asking them to come to her aid.

One of the rescuers rushed to save the doggo. 

Once she arrived at the spot, the woman found the worried pup who was caring for her puppy, who was lying on a blanket.  

At that moment, the rescuer realized that the mother dog chased the cars on the road in order to get help for her fur baby. The kind human was deeply moved by her actions and her endless love for her baby.

Both the mama dog, later named Salina, and her pup were trembling with cold. 

The rescuer’s heart filled with sadness because the mother and her child were abandoned on the side of the deserted road. It was hard to find any food there. 

As soon as Salina saw the rescuer, she was overjoyed. Her tail started wagging.

The good human petted Salina, wishing to comfort her and let her know that she would help her.

Salina’s fur baby was weak, and the rescuer checked up on her, tenderly stroking her head.

Salina had a worried and anxious expression on her face while she was sitting next to her sick puppy.

mama dog with her sick puppy
Source: Animal Shelter

The rescuer carried both Salina and her child to her car. The sweet mother dog felt relieved and her eyes were filled with gratitude toward their rescuer.

The giant-hearted human couldn’t stop thinking about Salina’s efforts to save her child. She wondered how many people drove past the doggo, choosing to ignore her cries for help.

The Sick Baby Receives Help

man cuddling dog in car
Source: Animal Shelter

The woman rushed Salina and her fur baby to the vet for a complete examination. 

Salina had inflammation, but luckily, it was nothing to worry about. The vet assumed that it appeared during childbirth.

Her baby, later named Romy, was diagnosed with worms, and she started receiving treatment.

Two weeks later, she made a complete recovery. Salina was over the moon to see that her baby was healthy again.

Shortly afterward, Romy captivated the heart of a wonderful family who gave her a forever home. The puppy’s owner gave Romy all her love and showered her with care.

white dog sitting next to the man
Source: Animal Shelter

In the beginning, the little pup missed her mom, but after some time, she adjusted to her sweet, new life.

Romy adored her forever mom, and she was always by her side.

Both Salina and her pup forgot the hardships they went through. 

mama dog in front of flowers
Source: Animal Shelter

The delightful mama dog continued living with her rescuers, who were amazed with the incredible way she fought to save her baby’s life.

They doted on Salina and loved her deeply.

Both mother and daughter felt happy because they had amazing people by their side who made them feel adored.