A Lonely Stray Pup Who Drank Rainwater In Order To Survive Kept Begging Passers-by To Take Him In


When two rescuers were returning home from a long day of work, they met the most adorable friend ever.

An adorable brown pup approached them while he was wandering around, asking them for some pets and cuddles.

At first, the rescuers thought that he was just a lovely boy who wanted to play. However, having a closer look, they noticed that his fur was covered in mud and was completely matted. They also noticed something that completely broke their heart.

The pup had a rope tightly tied around his abdomen.

Help Is Finally Here

stray pup looking at the camera
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The pup was visibly tired and was not able to walk properly. Before meeting the rescuers, he used to follow whoever he met, hoping that they would become his friends.

But, unfortunately, nobody ever stopped to help.

He continued to live on the street and drank water from a puddle so that he could quench his thirst. But soon, his life was about to change.

pup drinking rain water
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The rescuers did not abandon him. They became his friends, talking to him and even giving him some yummy food.

He was extremely friendly to the rescuers and allowed them to cut the rope without fighting back. All he did was look at them and smile – it was as if he knew that they were only trying to help.

close-up photo of stray pup
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Seeing that he was so cooperative, the rescuers immediately started to shave all of the mats from his body. And, after a haircut that lasted 30 minutes, this pup looked like a brand-new dog.

He was then given a nice and warm bath, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

When he was all nice and clean, the rescuers noticed a lot of small wounds covering his body. Luckily, they were not serious and could be easily cured with a little ointment and a lot of love.

dog getting a bath
Source: Rescue Mission HT

At His New Home

The pup was really happy at his new home, where he was able to eat as much yummy food as he wanted and receive regular cuddles.

And, just a week after arriving at his new home, the pup’s health started to improve. The little wounds were almost gone, he gained a lot of healthy weight, and his fur started to grow back.

His new favorite activity includes riding around in the car and dressing up in his new clothes.

dog wearing a red shirt in a car
Source: Rescue Mission HT

After five weeks, he made a full recovery!

His fur completely grew back, his body was healthy, and this made him very, very happy.

He was finally able to forget about his past life and fully embrace the future – a future that was full of loving hoomans and incredible doggo siblings.

photo of rescued pup
Source: Rescue Mission HT

He no longer has to drink rainwater or beg passers-by to help him, as he has everything he needs and so much more.

He has all the food and water he needs, all the toys, and he even got a brand-new kennel that he can hang out in with all of his friends.

He is truly living the life of every doggy’s dreams.