Two Tiny Puppies Owned By A Homeless Man Found In Critical Condition In The Freezing Cold


For some canines, having a nice and warm home filled with love is a privilege. For others, it’s just an unattainable dream.

When the good people of ThisIsHouston, Texas, first saw Donny and Marie, they couldn’t believe their eyes. This bonded pair of tiny doggo siblings shocked everyone with the horrific state they were in just because of their owner’s neglect.

To everyone’s belief, Donny and Marie didn’t stand a chance and were only moments away from the inevitable…

Only Moments Away From The Inevitable

tiny puppies
Source: ThisIsHouston

These two pups were found among their homeless owner’s belongings after he was arrested. 

“These two puppies were owned by a homeless man who was arrested…There were 10 other siblings but another homeless man kept them, refused money for them and then took off with them,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

They barely clung to life in the freezing cold. With their white gums and motionless bodies, they absolutely left rescuers in shock.

“The new babies are very critical and we don’t have much hope but we’re going to give them the best shot at recovering,” they first wrote in a Facebook post.

two puppies hugging
Source: ThisIsHouston

The team immediately transferred them to 24/7 care, where they underwent several tests. Even though they were parvo negative and their glucose, vitals, and temperature seemed quite normal, they were still in danger of not making it.

Since the moment they were brought in, these Pittie mixes had a few seizure-like activities, which required a neurology consult. 

cute puppy with blue shirt
Source: ThisIsHouston

On top of all that, they refused to eat and were extremely weak. The medical team placed NG tubes in both pups, hoping that they would make it through the night.

“They’re about 6 weeks old now and doing so well!  They’re definitely Pittie mixes and neither are displaying neurological issues anymore,” their rescuers wrote.

The next day, everything changed.

The Most Amazing Transformation

It took Marie and her brother only 24 hours to start showing signs of progress. Despite their health issues, they slowly started to move, which made everyone in the facility extremely happy.

two dogs in cage
Source: ThisIsHouston

Soon enough, both pups were cleared of 24/7 care and went to their foster home, where their new era began.

In just a couple of short months, both Donny and Marie thrived. With the help of their rescuers, they managed to weather all the storms from the past, and now they only had one goal in mind to find a home and a family that would love them forever.

dog with golden fur
Source: ThisIsHouston

To their luck, they didn’t have to wait too long!

This bonded duo was first transferred to Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue, Wisconsin, where they continued their life journey. The organization paired both Donny and Marie with amazing foster families, and they soon perfected their basic house manners.

Together with other doggos and their hooman companions, these once-neglected pups completely transformed! 

dog with golden fur laying down
Source: ThisIsHouston

Both Donny and Marie became the most enthusiastic, excited doggos ever! Their absolute favorite part of the day was being able to shower their hoomans with love. And, even though they haven’t been fostered alone, they didn’t mind having tons of siblings!

Eventually, both of them found forever homes in beautiful houses, where they continued to take on exciting adventures, now with their new families.

Donny and Marie’s story will serve as the perfect testimony to a dog’s resilience and strength. When they were given nothing, they pulled off their best to survive. And, now they are both thriving far away from what once was a horrible past.

Good luck in your future endeavors, Donny and Marie!