Rescuers From California Were Shocked To Find This Abandoned Pup Hiding Under A Car


Dogs are naturally very trusting animals and they have been known to always put faith in humans, even when we don’t deserve it.

However, when that trust is broken, it’s hard to regain it. Many people who abuse or abandon their pups will leave them emotionally scarred and unable to move on.

On some rare occasions, that can change when they are given a new chance by someone special who will care for them.

In this story, we will talk about rescuers who found a very frightened and abandoned dog lying under a car and tried to help him.

An Urgent Rescue

man trying to get dog under the car
Source: Hope For Paws

When rescuers from Hope For Paws in California received an urgent text about an abandoned dog who was hiding under a car, they answered the call.

A few hours later, they found this adorable pup still in the same position. They walked slowly to her so that she wouldn’t get too frightened.

One of the rescuers noted that the spot was familiar because he rescued a dog several years back, and it’s not unusual to see them there.

They got close and offered her some food. She gladly accepted it and ate anything they placed on the floor.

dog under the car
Source: Hope For Paws

While you could tell that she was scared and didn’t trust them yet, she was just so hungry that she couldn’t refuse their help.

This gave the rescuers a chance to try and place a leash on her, but they were unsuccessful in that regard and she quickly escaped it.

They tried again with some more food and their attempts seemed futile for a while. One thing they took note of, however, was that she started to enjoy the attention.

The whole time they were trying to help her, she was wagging her tail. It was like she thought it was a big game, and the rescuers found it funny.

It was like her fear was gone after a while, and she just wanted to amuse herself from that point on. 

Bella Is Going To Be Okay

woman finds abandoned dog on street
Source: Hope For Paws

One of the rescuers, Annabelle, joined them, and they managed to secure the area around the car.

This made the pup a little braver, so she stopped hiding and started walking to the rescuers. They didn’t want to grab her out of fear of getting bit, so they were careful.

She thought it was probably best to place a lucky leash on her and see how she responded. And, to everyone’s surprise, they did it on the first try.

This sweet pup was a lot more trusting when she realized that these people only wanted what was best for her, so she gave in and let them help her.

She even allowed them to pet her, and they could just tell how grateful she was to be with them now.

happy dog lying on man
Source: Hope For Paws

They were able to take her back to their shelter in California, where they groomed her matted fur and gave her a nice, warm bath.

Annabelle’s dog, Bella, had passed away not too long ago so she decided to name this sweet pup after her.

She was now finally safe and sound with her amazing rescuers. They were set on helping her find a new home.

And, after they searched for a while, they found her an absolutely wonderful family, who took her in immediately.

She is just so happy to live such an amazing life in a forever home where she will never be abandoned again.