Puppy Was So Scared Of Everything That He Curled Up In A Corner Of An Abandoned House To Stay Safe


Puppies feel most protected and loved in the caring arms of their mom.

As she covers them with sweet kisses, the little fur babies savor her nurturing and unconditional love.

Bandit, an adorable puppy, loved his mom and his siblings deeply. Sadly, he got separated from them while they were searching for scraps of food on the streets one night. The little baby got lost, and he couldn’t find his family.

After he found shelter in an abandoned house, he curled up in the corner. Feeling scared and lonely, he started barking, hoping his mama would hear him. He missed his family terribly.

A Rescuer Comes To His Aid

curled up puppy in the corner of abandoned house
Source: Paws Show

Luckily, good humans heard his cries for help. They called a dog rescuer and urged him to help the little pup.

The rescuer dashed to the spot to pick the dog up. When the little furball saw the rescuer entering the abandoned house, he felt even more frightened and he barked at him as loud as he could.

The rescuer spoke to him, trying to reassure him that he would help him.

Overwhelmed with fear, the canine ran to the corner of the room and looked at the rescuer for the first time. His adorable eyes filled with sadness deeply affected the giant-hearted man.

hand petting the scared puppy
Source: Paws Show

The rescuer was committed to helping him find his happiness. He cuddled the fur baby and took him to his car. 

The pup, later named Bandit, looked at his rescuer with a hopeful expression on his adorable face. Bandit realized that the man wanted to help him, and he decided to trust him.

The rescuer took the puppy to the vet, and fortunately, Bandit was found to be in excellent health.

Showering The Puppy With Love

hand holding a little puppy
Source: Facebook

The sweet canine was brought to the shelter, and his rescuer visited him often. The puppy loved playing with him and taking in all his affection.

Once he felt loved, Bandit felt joyful again, and his tail started wagging.

The shelter staff, along with his rescuer, gave the pup all the care that he needed, and Bandit started thriving.

He moved to a foster home where he enjoyed playing with his foster siblings and going on walks in the woods. 

two dogs lying on grass
Source: Facebook

Thanks to the selfless love he received, Bandit became a happy pooch. He left all his fears in the past and turned to the future, believing that he would soon find his forever family.

We are certain that an adorable pup like Bandit found a loving home and wonderful parents who love him like he deserves.