Witness How This Hairless And Malnourished Dog Made The Most Remarkable Transformation Ever


Every pup in this world wishes to find love and happiness in the arms of their parents.

Sadly, many dogs wait too long for their wish to come true and they end up losing hope of ever getting their happy ending.

Rapunzel was one of the dogs who forgot about her dream of having a happy family. Sick and in urgent need of help, the pup was on the verge of giving up on herself. 

She didn’t imagine that destiny would send good humans on her path who would make her long-forgotten dream come true.

Helping A Hopeless Dog Dream Again

poor hairless puppy
Source: The Dodo

A rescue organization came across the sick and almost hairless pup and took her in their care. Her skin was itchy and full of scabs. The rescuers felt brokenhearted to see her in such a bad state. 

Despite the condition she was in, the doggo was friendly and she wagged her tail. She was glad to be rescued.

The organization went live on their Instagram, wishing to help their sick rescue dogs get the urgent medical care that they needed.

Emily Everett-Nelson, the founder of Atlas Animal Rescue, located in Central California, worked with the organization before, and she was watching their live broadcast.

When the camera showed a scared and hairless pup lying in a corner, Everett-Nelson’s heart sank.

The canine’s eyes were hopeless and sad. She lost almost all her fur except for a tiny ball of fluffy fur.

“… They called it her wings, and when she would trot along, they would floof in the air. It was kind of a sign of the little fluffball who was deep inside,” Everett-Nelson told The Dodo.

As soon as Everett-Nelson saw her, she sent a message to the rescue organization promising to take her in and find her a loving home.

The wonderful caregivers took care of the dog, later named Rapunzel. They gave her the necessary treatment and showered her with a lot of love.

poor dog looking up
Source: The Dodo

Everett-Nelson rejoiced at receiving updates about Rapunzel’s progress.

The doggo’s itchy skin began healing. She started to feel better, and her fur was growing. Her once sad eyes were now filled with hope.

Three months later, all of Rapunzel’s fur grew and she transformed into a different dog. Her face was glowing with happiness. 

happy dog with another dog
Source: The Dodo

“She did not look like the same dog. She was fluffy and happy,” she added.

Everett-Nelson found a great family for the pup. They fell in love with her as soon as they saw her photo. They couldn’t wait to hold her in their arms and make her feel loved like never before.

The Dog’s Long-Forgotten Dream Comes True

beautiful fur dog with man
Source: The Dodo

When Rapunzel arrived at Los Angeles, California, her new parents, along with Everett-Nelson, were there to welcome her.

As soon as the delightful pup stepped out of the car, everybody looked at her with amazement. The doggo was a fluffy, snowy princess.  

The moment Rapunzel saw her new parents, she started smiling. The pooch felt connected to her family right away, and she threw herself into her dad’s arms. Rapunzel and her dad couldn’t stop hugging.

Rapunzel was thrilled when she moved into her forever home. She changed her name to Almond, and started the happiest chapter of her life. 

The adorable doggo was enchanted to meet her doggy brother, Tofu, who looked very similar to her.

happy white fur dogs
Source: mysammi_almond_tofu

“They are both two white flooffy polar bears. We can sometimes hardly even tell them apart. It was just incredible to bring these two together,” Almond’s mom said.

Almond and Tofu have their own Instagram account, and they sometimes post updates about their dream life in their forever home. The two siblings enjoy playing and hanging out with each other. 

Almond is over the moon because her dream of finding happiness in her parents’ arms came true. She feels infinitely loved.